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Burley Burley Burley


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On the risk of sounding a bit foolish, can someone explain the best way to burley for land based fishing.

I have heard (not tried) that you can get a can of cheap cat food, punch some holes in the tin, tie a line around it and throw it in... Sounds a bit well :1prop:

Any other ideas? and what is best stuff to use?

Cheers WG :biggrin2:

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have also heard the same thing but have not used it.

Everytime I fish Botany Bay I use chook pellets, but the ones that are treated with Tuna oil and I get good results, and when cleaning the fish they are full of the burley I used so this works 9 I think )??

As for land based, not sure but I used to use an old stocking with mashed pilly's and some tuna oil and throw a few sinkers in it to weight down or if trying to get some surface action just let it float around while being tied onto a hand line...Hope this helps you out..

Cheers Wayne

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Guest lbgking

I mash bread and pillies together. The bread stays on the surface and attract undesirables like Mado's and sweep while the pilies sink attracting ream,snapper and live bait.

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