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  1. I realise that this topic has probably been done-to-death by now but I was curious as to the opinion of fellow Fishraiders.. There is a confusing amount of information available about various fishing topics , a lot of it is contradictory. It is hard to judge how new gear will perform and just going by available printed data can be misleading I was interested in real-world information from experienced anglers so Fishraider is the obvious place to go. Consider this situation . I am walking along a sandy beach / estuary like Lake Macquarie. I am casting vibes and soft plastics out around weed beds and onto shallow sand flats. into clear tidal water . The target species is flathead for a feed. mmm flathead There could potentially be large fish around up to 80cm. If price was not a limiting factor then what gear should I be using ? A ,,,,,,,,reel attached to a .......rod and spooled with .........line throwing ....... vibes and soft plastics. I would be interested in your opinion on a commonly encountered situation.
  2. I`ve got a 7'6 Taipan in 6-10kg Its a handy all - round rod for just about anything except flicking lures that need a bit of movement or finesse. Its crude in comparison to graphite but is strong enough to lift boat motors. I use mine with a Saragosa for live baiting and it works well. Price is very good too. Don`t expect the performance of a high priced reel but its excellent for general bait fishing or even throwing metals off the beach when combined with the right reel.
  3. As a Veterinary Surgeon , I can`t number the fish hooks and lures that I have retrieved out of various parts of a dog`s anatomy. The worst thing that you can do is pull on a line with a hook attached that is not visible in a dog`s mouth or lip. You will " set " the hook in your pet instead , most likely the oesophagus or stomach. Retrieving a hook from the oesophagus is extremely difficult and dangerous. . And expensive. Watch your dog around baited hooks at all times. They can , and will , do the unexpected when food is involved.
  4. +1 for the Saragossa suggestion Ken. Awesome reel. Will handle anything that swims. Great price too. Would be my choice and handy if something large takes the bait [ or plastic ] .
  5. If you get the chance , visit the island of Aitutaki. Its close by plane and is probably one of the most jaw-dropping places on the planet. I`ve done a fair amount of travelling all over the world but the lagoon on Aitutaki is incredible. There is only one road on Rarotonga and it follows the coast in a circuit Its a very small island and doesn`t take long to circumnavigate. Good luck with the fishing. I hated leaving. Long flight to get there though. About 8 hours if I recall so take a book.
  6. My bad. I probably got his name wrong anyway.
  7. If this is a 2022 topic then I can give you a little help. If its an old one then my advice is out of date. I was in Rarotonga for a few months a couple of years ago. Rule no1 is don`t eat anything from the lagoon due to ciguatera. You probably know the island is surrounded by a reef so the area inside the reef is termed the lagoon. All fish are potential sources of ciguatera in the lagoon so no eating anything caught there. Ciguatera poisoning can be very unpleasant. Beautiful place , by the way. Enjoy. There are a few boat charters to the reefs outside but my recollection is that its mainly gamefish orientated - mahi mahi , sailfish , marlin etc. There are a couple of big operators present. I went out twice and caught absolutely nothing. I went with the local " character " <name removed>. He is famous for never smiling and always being surly. Go with the other bigger charters if you want to catch fish. The time of year is huge and the catch is seasonal. Hope this helps a bit. Don`t forget --no shore based lagoon fishing and consuming or you`ll experience diarrhea that is life changing.
  8. He'd probably been getting stuck into the kava. Its pretty popular in Fiji.
  9. Thanks frankS , you learn something new every day.
  10. Thanks Waza , that`s very interesting. I`ve never caught one myself but I may have to give it some attention since its local and I have the time since all our beaches have been washed away.
  11. That`s amazing to hear about the Hairtail in Newcastle Harbour. The only reporting about them seems to be from the Hawkesbury only. Do they get them from any specific harbour location and are they resident or move in from elsewhere at certain times of the year ? I thought that they required deep water in the Hawkesbury system . I guess that there must be a few locations in the harbour that fit.
  12. A friend [ part -time fisherman ] recently showed me a few photos on his phone that included a couple of plastic crates filled with Hairtail that had been caught in Newcastle Harbour last week. I was not aware that Newcastle was a Hairtail hotspot. Has anyone else had any experience catching Hairtail in the Hunter region ?
  13. Was that a live or a recorded performance from Zoran ? Maybe its the secret to catching fish too ?
  14. Maybe try some of those bait jigs that come pre-packed. Samaki type ? Available at tackle shops and they`re cheap and seem to work well off wharves. Not sure if good for yakkas but worth a go.
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