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Monday On The Bay


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G'day All ,

Yesterday , Inked , Quinfish , GIO and Kingvirgin and myself all took to the water at Botany Bay , for a bit of Monday Im not at work today hahaha fishing !

We all met up at the Penrhyn boat ramp at about 0630 , and put the 3 boats into the water. Our first stop was at Molly Point , Robert and Dave anchored up , and began to burley up and throw their lines in . Ian and I , unable to anchor due to not having one ( see Sundays report!) elected to hide behind the wall out of the worst of the current , and drift across towards La Perouse . On our first drift , after about 15 minutes , I felt a good strike , then nothing. Figuring I had been baited , I started to retrieve , and felt a bit of weight , followed by a dive towards the bottom. This could be a fish thought I . I began to reel him in , and after a very brief time , I had a lovely 41cm flathead in the boat , a PB for me ! :yahoo:


After another drift across the bay without success , we joined up with the other 2 boats , and found that they also had been succesful , with 2 fish in the boat !

Dave and I decided that a trip to the Oil Wharf was in order , so we set up , and thanks to Roberts spare anchor , we settled in for some pleasant fishing. the early morning cold breeze gradually eased , and the sun came out from behind the clouds , making things much more pleasant !! John was the first to strike , with a very nice 60cm Sambo , followed soon after by a trevor ( I think ) , and then , just before we left some yakkas.


Ian , who was in my boat , also brought in a Trev , but alas , things went quiet for us , so we moved to another spot near the end of the wharf , and tried our luck there. Ian got a bite , and commented that it was a dead weight , like pulling up an anchor , and no fight. I called it for a PJ , but once we got it up , it was a large Octopus !!

We heard Pretendfisherman was having some luck with the Trevs ,so we went for a stickybeak. Then , towards the end of our day on the Bay , we tried the third runway , with no result ! :05:



Ian and I had to leave at 2 , so we put the boat onto the trailer , and went home. A good day out , even if we didnt catch as many fish as we would have liked , but a lot better than being at work.

I'd like to thank Robert for the loan of his anchor , and Dave , Ian and John for joining us !


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Great report, good to see so many raiders out together.

I know what you mean about losing anchors, we have lost 3 anchors at botany 2 in 2 trips..

2 anchors were lost at molineax point and 1 at the heads..

If i had a scuba diving set, I know where i would be diving!


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I dunno Domza - If I were scuba inclined I'd be a bit wary about swimming around at Mol point - the likelihood of getting an anchor in the back of your head must be pretty high!!


Just don't do it around kingfish season (carpark)

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I have been very lucky in that regard , I have fished Molly Point about 12 times since I got the boat , and always been able to pull the anchor up !! It must mean I was meant to catch that flatty , if I had an anchor , I would have been at the point , not drifting !! :)


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Jus thought id add to ross's report, after meeting up with the rest of the fishraider crew dave and myself headed out to molineaux point, and started berlying heavily. I was the last to get my line in the water as usual (too much muckin around), anyway finally goes in after sitting in the rod holder for a couple of minutes i noticed a few good taps so i striked and felt a solid weight on the other end, only for the leader to pop early in the fight :1badmood: Re rigged and after a while i got another solid hit after a short tussle i boated a 45cm pike a pb for me :thumbup:, i was lucky to get him as he bit me off as soon as he got in the boat. Nothing much was happening over at the point and as the sweep were swarming all over our berley, dave and i decided a move to the oil wharf was in order. After only a few small bites i decided to change baits and use a piece of garfish, not so long after the bait gets smacked and my okuma baitrunner is screaming zzzzzzzz woo hoo im on, thankfully the fish started swimming away from the wharf and towards the surface jumping around trying to gain its freedom another minutes or so and a great net shot by dave sees a very fat 60cm pb salmon in the boat for me :yahoo:. the bites were few and far between and then dave was next to strike with a trevally. Things got really slow and after seeing some yakkas down deep in the berley trail i proceeded to pass the time away, they were hungry little buggers devouring watever i threw down (in the harbour i find them to be very fussy only biting on mince). When we had a few livies we decided to head back over to the point and try live baiting for something bigger (kingy hopefully) nothing was on there although pretend fisherman was doing good till the pod of 15 or so dolphins came through :thumbdown: that was the end of action at the point. Moved on to the 3rd runway where dave boated one loan trevally. All up the fishing was a bit slow but it was fanastic day on the water nonethless, with weather fining up for a perfect day. Ross, ian and robert i was good catching up and fishing with you. Thanks dave for giving me a ride on your boat hope we can do it again some time.

Cheers :beersmile:


My Pb salmon


My pb pike


the catch and some bait for next time

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Hi guys,

Well looks like our report from monday has been well covered , the fishing action was rather quiet but the company was great. I was very happy with the Trev it gave some good curry on my light gear, as for the octopus it was a beast, it even tried to eat Ross' knife!

I think the highlight of the day was when Ross pulled it into the boat and i almost jumped out of the boat in my haste to get away from it, i have no problem with touching fish but this thing was disgusting!

Some good factors for the day were : Not working, the weather( for majority) , very smooth water, not working, the picturesque scenery, the planes, not working, the few :beersmile: we had , good company , not working... ok so u get the picture!

Unfortnately the fishing tally come the end wasnt as high as hoped but there were so much more positives!

I'd like to shootout a thanks to Rob (quinfish) Dave (inked) and Johnny ( Gio) for coming along for an enjoyable day, it was good meeting u guys ( and in Johns case seeing u again!)

Now something i'd like to make very public, A HUGE THANKYOU to Ross (flightmanager), he was very polite in offering me the chance out with him and was nothing but a great bloke the whole time.

Fishraider thrives on guys like Ross who are very kind to help out the up and coming blokes myself get onto the water and get into the fishing. As im sure most other deckies would agree in saying that we are very thankful for these wonderful outings , guys your dedication and generosity does not go un-noticed and i highly commend the site and its people for being friendly and champion people!


now my conclusion.......... When is the next trip boys? :biggrin2::thumbup::1fishing1:

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it was a great day out. I was just about to post a msg about you guys being slow on the pen to write up about mondays activities.How god damn sexy do I look in my boat??

GIO it was great to have you aboard, anytime you want to go for a fish , its on mate. Just make sure I catch the bigger one next time.

good to meet some of the other raiders as well. hopefully another monday session is on the cards

Great report, should be out this weekend :1fishing1: on the bay.

Well at least your shorts are lower in that pick inked...........

c'mon man, you know you like the fuzz above the belt line! Hope we can cuddle on the YFT trip buddy hahahahaha

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