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Reaalllllllllyyyy Angryyy


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:1fishing1: Hey there fellow :1fishing1:

As i write this im pretty pissed of as i have just returned from morbank to get a few parts for my car but on the way back i thought i would stop in at the chipping norton lakes boat ramp just to have a look at the water, and have a bit to eat for breakfast (yummy hot chips) ,

while i was there i noticed a family fishing at the boat ramp..ok nothing wrong with that but i after a while i noticed that they were catching plenty of fish but all baby bream from what i could see but i noticed that they wearnt throwing any back...hmmmmm so i decided to watch them closer.

it then occured to me that they were catching baby bream and keeping them and when i say baby bream im talking about little ones the size of 6 or 7 cms from what i could see... now what really pissed me of is the fact that they didnt care that they were keeping under size fish and that wee are the inspectors when you need them.

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hey tiger_shark i should of fone that when i think about it now but its not going to stop them doing it again when i leave. and im pretty sure ive seen them down there before.

there really needs to be more fishing inspectors out there , i mean like ive had my boat searched at 2am in the morning a few months ago in the middle of botany bay and i always welcome them on board since i have never got anything to hide and even if my fish are just on legal i still put them back in so i can catch them again when they are bigger . i really just think that maybe there should be more inspectors out there and if it comes down to budget problems well damm.

i reckon there would be a heap of us raiders who would put there hands up (myself for 1 ) that would be happy to be volunteer inspectors part time .

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you could always take a pic of them and a pic of the car rego and phone fisheries, although I don't know if they would do anything.

Gotta be careful though as there are some whacko's out there and it ain't worth a fishing knife to the gut.

I don't know about the volunteer inspector idea though, I doubt as wether a volunteer would be given the authority to issue fines or enforce the regulations.

I've seen this happen many times a chippo but have only ever once seen waterways in there doing checks, you can bet they don't even have fishing licences :1badmood:

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Mate as unfortunate as it is that these people were taking keeping undersize fish i dont think anything can be done, fisheries are understaffed.

Shame we cant bust people like this in the act and hit them with a monster fine.

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Why would u want to keep fish from the lakes anyway? :wacko:

I was once out at chipo lakes testing my boat and noticed these 2 people that were catching heaps of fish, I wasnt close enough but they looked tiny.

After the run in the boat I came back and they were gone, and as we drove up the ramp i saw the fisheries car.

From what i could see they took all their rods(big collection of rods actualy, maybe 6-8 rods), and the bucket of fish. Good on them! :beersmile:

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Thank you all Fishraiders for your diligence :thumbup:

We do not want to you to do anything that will endanger yourselves or loved ones in the pursuit of reporting or stopping illegal fishing activities .

This is best reported to the Authorites and have it dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Follow this link .


It is in the best interests of this site to report the events as described above in this topic and not bring them into the forums.

Please note Site Rule

2. No posts on illegal fishing activity of any kind be it illegal methods or exceeding bag limits

Thanks for your efforts and Fisheries will always listen to any reports .

Cheers Swordfisherman

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