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Landbased Or Boater?


where do you fish from?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. boat or landbased?

    • my own boat
    • regular deckie on someone elses boat
    • landbased mostly, ocassional deckie
    • landbased but would love a boating invitation
    • landbased only
    • landbased but getting a boat within 12 months

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Hi all I am landbased only at the moment :( unless you count a small canoe. It only gets used when its warm enough to swim,the kids love it though :1prop: I am thinking of fitting a small electric motor to the canoe soon so i can cover more ground as a tinny and trailer are just not affordable right now :1fishing1: cheers troutboy

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I predominatley fish on my own boat.

Occasionly I will sneak down to Hen & Chicken Bay before work and have a landbased plastics session.

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Guest IFishSick.

I was originally landbased. Then occassionally would be invited on a mate's boat. Then couple of months ago got a boat. YAY!

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We have our own boat ,but dont mind land based one bit and have been doing a fair bit of that lately :1prop:

I dont know why but the enjoyment of fishing off the beach or the rivers edge is always satisfying.

Cheers Stewy

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Guest danielinbyron

Sometimes i choose rox over boat...

Bruns bar is a fickle beast..

I think i have absolutlely no preference unless the speedy guys are in town and out wide.

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I would ordinarly fish on my own boat but over the past few months my boat has only seen the water once as a few mates have now bought larger boats and also insist i go with them.

Hoping to give my little stessco a bit more of a workout this summer

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