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Sydney Harbour Kingies


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post-2057-1161338182_thumb.jpgHi raiders. I went out for a fish after work this afternoon. After reading netic's report and also scoring a zero on kingies on wednesday ( sorry Danny :05: ), I needed to get my kingie fix. Finished work by 1.30pm. Had to plead with :wife: to let me go out. She wanted me back by 6pm as she had an appointment and I had to look after the kids. Made me swear on my gonads that I will be in by 6.

Got to Roseville ramp and the weather was really nasty. Wind, rain everything but went out anyway!!

Caught a few good bait sized squid but interestingly also caught 2 tailer, 1 leatherjacket and almost a pike...all on a squid jig.

Due to the wind/rain fished middle harbour. Nice and sheltered. Got my downrigger out and trolled the squid around the moorings for zip. Decided to try the reefs/wrecks around middle harbour. Got to one of my favourite spots to find the sounder coming alive!

Set the downrigger to 12 meters and got a hit straight away. Landed a kingie about 80cm. Released him and put another bait down. It got hit as well. This time the fish took both hooks and was bleeding heavily from the gills so he was kept. FIsh was about 86cm. 3rd bait and another fish. ALso about 80cm. Released him also in good condition.

Had a look at the time and it was time to go. Got stuck in the worst of the peak hour traffic. A trip which normally takes 15-20 minutes took over an hour but still made it home OK. Gonads are intact.

It amazes me after all this time but the kingies would only hit the bait when it was trolled down stream. Same bait trolled up stream was completely ignored. Pays to troll your baits in all different directions.

Can't wait for the next trip!!! Cheers Kelvin

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Yeah thanks crazy john. As you know these kingies are addictive like no other fish. You kind of fall in love with them...sounds sad but true....I am sure you know what I mean.

Can't wait for the next fish!!! Cheers Kelvin

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Lately I have been keeping records of my kingie fights on the sounder. As most of the kingie fights are straight up and down it records beautifully on your sounder. I just get my digital cam and take a photo of the screen. You can see exactly how much line they take. I know it sounds obsessive but I just LOVE these fish.Cheers Kelvin

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