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Kingfish Of Middle Harbour


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Hello raiders! I have been like a caged animal for the last couple of weeks or so as I haven't been able to go out. Got all the work and travel stuff out of the way so I was finally free to go out for my favourite quarry....you guessed it ....seriola lalandi :biggrin2:

I woke up this morning and couldn't believe how good the weather was. Sun, calm conditions and warmish temperatures. Absolutely perfect but, I had to go to work :ranting2: However, I finished work early and after doing some chores got the boat loaded for fishing. By this time the wind had picked up and when I got to the ramp, the wind was blowing 20-30knots from the north with ominous clouds on the horizon. Why is it that for the last 2 months the weather has been completely crap!!!

Anyway I launched at Roseville at 3pm and went to get some squid. The problem with wind is that squidding is almost impossible but fortunately I picked up 2 good squid. They were pretty big about 30cm in length on the mantle. The chop in the harbour made things very uncomfortable so I headed back to middle harbour to try for some kings.

The good thing about MH is that you can find a sheltered spot somewhere even in the worst conditions. So out went the downrigger with one of the big squid.

The kings were a bit hard to find but I found a large bait school on the sounder. This bait school was BIG and very balled up. A sure sign there are some predators nearby. Seeing something like this makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!!! I just couldn't wait for my bait to pass through this. My eyes kept wandering to my rod in the holder and sure enough wack! The rod goes off and I'm on. The 50lb braid on my stella 20000 has 12 KG of drag on it but it yelled. I drove the boat out to deeper water and fought the fish. After a typical kingie fight I landed a fish of 85cm.

I got my last squid out and it didn't last long...another fish of 80 odd cm was landed.

At this time I had the choice of going home, getting more squid, getting more livies or using lures. I opted to use lures and the lures I got out were my deep water jigs. I find when there is a BIG bait ball jigs work brilliantly. So on my Shimano Twin power I tied on a lumo jig and drifted over the bait. The twin power has a very fast ratio so is excellent for jigs. On the 3rd drop I hooked a good fish also about 85cm.


I absolutely LOVE jigging for kings and it is a common misconception that you need deep water. I use jigs in water 10-20m all the time for great results. The way the kingies hit a jig is something that you need to feel atleast once before you die!!

I passed over this bait school time and time again with the jig and almost every pass I hooked up. The best fish was 92cm caught not on the squid but on the jig.


If you have a look at the sounder this fish makes it to the bottom a couple of times but the 50lb fluorocarbon leader held on :thumbup:


As ususal as the sun passed over the horizon, the kingies stopped biting. The total was 8 kings which 4 were kept. Another good day on the kings! Cheers Kelvin


Good kings from MH!!

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What can I say Kelvin, you've done it again. Inspirition personified.

It is one thing to catch fish when conditions are right, but another to know how to improvise and make the most of the conditions.

Well done buddy, let's hope the Kings are as easy for others on the weekend, me included :biggrin2:

Rain, hail, wind or shine, I am out on the water this weekend.

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Guest fishrunner

Good report there Kelvin :biggrin2:

Some nice kings there , well done,

they seem to be getting bigger,

Like the sounder pic, It's nice when you can retrace the fight :biggrin2:

congrats :beersmile::beersmile:

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The kings I got are a good size but there are also a lot of rats around. I like to target the bigger fish and they normally like bigger baits set deeper. Cut baits of squid tend to catch the small fish. The deep water jigs are another good way getting the bigger fish as most lures can't go deep. Most of the hits on the jigs occured 10m down. This is typical of Mid Harbour as there usually isn't much surface activity. The kings hit these jigs HARD!!! it is a real rush in relatively shallow water. CHeers Kelvin

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great stuff mate,

i kno where u were :1prop:

i hope for only half the success 2morro

squid easy to come by today?


Catching squid was a REAL pain today as the wind was terrible. When I got 2 I called it quits. They weren't hard to come by but the conditions didn't help.

By the way most people know where I am!!!Middle harbour is a small place. I wave to most of the boats that pass me and my rods are bent fighting kingies :biggrin2: The only problem is that the kingies move around . They are called pelagics!!! Even in one morning they will move and move. A hot spot today may be a barren desert tomorrow. Anyway good luck tomorrowCFD. Cheers Kelvin

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You have the kingy thing wired. Most would have been happy with the two on the livies and either gone home or off to get more squid. Not master king - into em with the jigs!! Great report as always and well done on the catch - AWESOME :1yikes:

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great kings mate, and bloody awesome sounder to show you that the king nearly hit the bottem so detailed :1yikes:

My sounder isn't special but I have "tuned" it to show more detail. Also the correct placement of the transducer helps. CHeers Kelvin

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Great fish!!!!. You've got it so well sussed. You say you are using 50lb leader but, what is your main line strength?? I usually use a 60lb leader but only onto a 9kg main line.


Brian. P

For lures I use 30lb Braid. For livies I like to use 50lb Braid. The 30lb braid allows me to cast soft plastics as well as use jigs. I find that I can break 30lb braid but have yet to break 50lb. I also have 80lb braid but this is overkill for the size of fish we are getting.

I find that 30lb braid on a downrigger clip slips out a fair bit but 50 doesn't and you get a more positive hook up with kings. For lures I find that the leader DOES matter when it comes to the number of bites. If you go more than 50lb Fluorocarbon, the bite slows down dramatically. For most lures I go down to 30lb leader but with the deepwater jigs that is suicide as the fish are down deep. Cheers Kelvin

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Well done - some nice fish there.

Interesting tactic, jigging in shallow water. So what jigs you use and how heavy?

I have just started gettin jiggy with it, with the purchase of a Saltiga 4500 blast + 50lb T Curve jig rod and a handful of metal. My jigs are el cheapos as well as some Smith, River 2 Sea, and Jap models, Knife jigs etc. 150g lightest I have, that ok for 10-20m water or should I be fishing lighter?

Also what jigging retrieves work? I have watched it a few times on video, but mostly OS on Samsons etc, never for kings.



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The jig was the cheap williamson 250g lumo colour. I tied it to a 50lb leader on 30lb braid. I don't think the weight matter too much in shallow water but the quicker you can get it to the bottom and jig it up, the better.

By the way becareful when you feed the line out as the jig falls as I have had kings hit it on the way down. Try to keep your hands away from the braid as it will cut you real quick. That is one of the reasons why I don't use my Stella 20000 for shallow water jigging as it doesn't have a bail trip and the bail has to be closed manually....bit hard to do when you have a ramapaging kingie on the end of your line!!! ..you end up losing these fish real quick.

The kings like a FAST retrieve as it doesn't give them too much time to think about it. Try a stop start retrieve using your rod to pump the jig up and your reel to wind as you pump. When you get a good kingie on it is a fantastic feeling. On a jig they just hammer it from the word go. It is like they have afterburners! Cheers Kelvin

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crazy crazy stuff, you really have these kings wired mate..great effort kelvin,i think every fisho in sydney is very green in envy including myself :mad3::thumbup:

Some great sized hoodlums in there :yahoo:

Surely you are given alot of grief boat side when trying to bring them aboard, especially fishing by yourself?


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Guest claudia

good work, top catch, you are a lucky man to catch all those kingfish, Did you go fishing on your own or did you take your kids fishing.

Glad you threw some back for the others to catch


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