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North West Island. (video) Part 1


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Here is a Video the Wife :wife:..... :biggrin2: put together from our Camping Holiday.

This goes with the Shark fishing video I put together and posted a few days ago.

Hope you enjoy.


P.S. Mary-ann should have posted this and written about it as she did oll the work but we forgot her password.


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I spent more time on Masthead and Wilson islands

Hi Iceman, they have closed off so much area up that way,Wilson, Tryon, North Reef just to name a few that were spots we fished.

but where the bloody hell is North west Island?

Off Gladstone. QLD. Capricorn/Bunker Group.

99% of those fish were taken just off camp and just mucking around, nothing to serious.

Thanks for the kind words, but the Missus did that one and plans to do part 2 soon.

I did the Shark fishing one ..... big angry critters that took a bit of 24kg.

Thanks again I'll let Mary-ann know people liked it.


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