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Sick Parade

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One our our moderators MallacootaPete is in hospital after suffering a mild stroke.

Stewy and I have been to visit him today and taken along everyone's good wishes.

He is lucky that he had a warning and is in good spirits.

Pete says hello to all and hopes to be back on deck at fishraider in a few days after the necessary tests have been completed.


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:1yikes: I'm glad that he got a warning, because I certainly didn't see it coming!!! :thumbdown: Hope you're back in top shape as soon as possible, mate. All the best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for sending our regards, Stewy and Donna.


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Guest danielinbyron

geez Pete NO GOOD MATE ..Sorry ta hear it ..

Petes contributions to the site and the library were a god send to me last year when i was crook.. gods speed mate ..Oh and please someone take him some mags for christ sakes.. daniel.

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