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The Wife And Kids


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I was just wondering who takes their wives and kids along with them when fishing, yes i prefer to fish alone or with a mate that knows what hes doing in the boat, but im trying to educate my wife, and my kids are starting to take a keen interst too. im planning to take them down the harbour on sunday weather permitting.

I will now give share a couple of high lights ive enjoyed while out in the boat with the family.

1st one was at swansea channel last year, we were anchored at dead low tide just west of the bridge, i was berleying hard, i had an un weighted prawn and an un weighted pilly floating in the trail on gang hooks. Anyway id given my 6 year old daughter a little 5 foot ugly stick with a small spinning reel and 3kg line to use, i had baited her up with a peeled prawn. But she saw me cast out a whole pilly and said "daddy i want to use one of those for bait" i replied with something along the lines of "your hook and rod isnt big enough for a pilly" she protested, so rather than listen to her whinge i passed her a pilly, she put her small single hook through the pillies eye socket and lowered it to the bottom. about 2 minutes later i was mashin the berley pot, when i heard her scream, "dad ive got one" i turned around half expecting her to have a snag, only to see her rod bent over double and line getting ripped from the reel at a fast rate of knots, she was hanging on for all it was worth, i assisted her for 30 seconds or so, then she gave me control. the end result was a 3kg samson fish!!, stoked with her efforts she hooked ANOTHER pilly through the eye socket, and 2 minutes later she was on again, this time it was a bream of about 900 grams, the rest of us caught bugger all that day!!

high light no.2 happened only about a month ago, i took my 8yo son up the Nepean to troll for Bass, he saw me casting at the bank as we were trolling and wanted to have a go, he quickly mastered casting and caught a couple of small bass on a little deception lure. when we got back to the ramp, i tied the boat up and my young fella said, can i have my rod dad, i want to have a fish while you get the boat out, he then caught 2 more bass off the wharf in the time it took me to retrieve the boat! (less than 5 minutes)

high light no.3 the wife catches some keepers! myu wife has fished with me a few times and always caught plenty of small stuff. we were down at botany a couple of weeks ago, and thing were pretty slow until the tide stopped running at about 10am, we were anchored at watts reef and i was berleying hard. the fish came on and she caught a decent trevally and snapper that was just legal. she is now keen to go again, so i popped into Wattos this morning and bought her a rod and reel to call her own.

hope im not boring you all with my yarns, i was just thrilled to see my mrs and kids catch a few, and im intersted in hearing similar yarns from fellow raiders.


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Hey Mark

Great stories mate. I don't find them boring at all. When you think about it what better way to get the :wife: onside when you wanna drop a line in somewhere if she herself can fish with ya. And as for the kids, mate there's nothing better than seeing the look of pure delight on a childs face when they actually bring somethin' in.

My eldest (I have 2 sons) is only 3 1/2 so I am caught in a catch 22, I can't wait for him to be old / big enough to really get the whole idea and deep down I guess I don't want him to grow up too quick either.

Last effort I had with my young-un where he actually helped pull one in was about 3 weeks ago. I absently threw some worms in the shallows (Freshwater) & thought I might pick up a little catfish my son could try to pull in. After a few mins the rod buckled & I raced to the shore. My son was right beside the rod playing in the waters edge with loads of mud (His favorite pastime & what I susspect he actually thinks fishing is all about!) Anyway, I grabbed the rod & he stood infront of me & held the rod. Then to my surprise he actually grabbed the eggbeaters handle & started winding on his own. Mate if Elle McPherson, Nicole Kidman & the International Penthouse Pet of the century were all callin my name right then I reckon I woulda told to 'em to take a hike. I was so proud to watch the little man do his best to get the beast in.

Turned out to be not a half bad cattie too! When we returned his to the water my son was keen as to help me "Chuck my rod in". I was kinda sorry when the day finally ended.

As for the mrs, I'll need to get her at the right time & throw an already bending rod in her hand before she will "Get it" but hey, heres hoping.


Anyway, heres a pic of that day / evening.


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I'm sure Stewy has an old photo lying around of him at that age with a cattie like that! :tease::074::074:



And some not so old grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :074:

I love taking Donna fishing and she is great company as well :thumbup: she outfished us all last time at Glenbawn.

Cheers Stewy

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Guys I just love fishing my son Andy who some of you met at the kingy social.

It's true what they say but - the kids outfish the dads all the time. Andy's a buggar but, he sits and stuffs his face and generally enjoys himself and when I catch a fish throws a lure in after me and catches a bigger one!!!!! :074::074:

Andy won't have a line in the water till he knows there's a fish there.... :biggrin2:

We have some fantastic times together - great dad and son stuff.


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The women and kids often outfish the men and why not!!

One of the main objectives of this site is to enhance our membership base with more women and young folk.

This site is co - owned by a female :biggrin2: and to my knowledge is the only fishing website in Australia that has a women at the helm

So bring on the stories about your wonderful wives, girlfriends, sisters, partners and young folk.

To madmac, make sure your wife is a member of fishraider and your kids too. Great idea to buy them their own rods and reels and teach them how to use them

cheers mrsswordfisherman

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:dito: that Donna!

My wife is one of those people that doesn't fish much but is very talented. She's a good caster & has great feel & has caught some top fish with me.

Don't even get me started on my young fella. J.J has just turned 3 & can cast like a pro & fight & land his own fish. The little bugger has quickly learn't how to outfish dad & likes to remind me of it as well.

It truly is one of my greatest joys in life.

Here's a couple pics of J.J in action off the backyard. Still in his p.j's mind you! The second pic is of him fighting a bloody big ray. Jee he did well! :thumbup:



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To madmac, make sure your wife is a member of fishraider and your kids too. Great idea to buy them their own rods and reels and teach them how to use them
i will try an d get her to join this site. she is not really a computer chatter, and is always on my case saying that "you prefer to talk to strangers on the computer than spend time with me" im hoping to take her along to one of the nepean bass sessions and she can maybe meet mrs watto. (i havent met her yet either) but i did meet watto this morning, and i must say i wouldnt of known his store had existed if i hadnt been on this forum. hopefully i can get the wife along to meet you folk, and maybe get her to join and post too
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It is all quality time.

My young fella Ryan is always at me "dad can i come this time", i have to share my trips around as he is still getting his sea legs (estuary he's ok but once you hit F & S etc he needs plenty of food) - but once that happens he will be in the boat all the time!!!

His nearly six & csting & retriving a lure - take him on!!!! Sorry for being a proud dad, but ask Watto about his cast - alright i reckon.

The wife doesnt care too much for fishing, but Hannah 3.5 going on 23.5 is now wanting to go all the time - its just gonna be the odd bass session for her for now

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The first time I took my wife fishing was Australia day last year, for her it's just like a fishing charter - doesn't touch the bait - doesn't touch the fish!!

It was about 6am and dead quite on the river then all of a sudden my wife screams - I deadset thought she had stepped on a hook or something. I turned to find her holding her first ever fish - a flounder about the size of my palm :074: She couldn't stop bragging as she was first to catch!! She went on to land another 15-20 undersize bream and snapper - I had to swap her bait from prawns to squid so I didn't have to keep baiting up her hook!

She finally caught her fist leagl size fish the other week (she doesn't come out much - I normally fish while she goes to kickboxing) she landed a small trev and a nice 30cm bream!

Going to Thailand in March and I am trying to get her out on a charter with me - so who knows she might get her first marlin next month!


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Of course!

Jim fishes alone except when we are with him.

During the week and Sat nights the little fella goes with him as I work two jobs and it involves night work so Jim targets his jew while ay tries to catch a bream or flathead. Then he crashes out in the back of the car or boat till they leave.

When I have the chance I usually go with them and used to fish alot just Jim and I on the boat.

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Fishing with my Dad as a little tike is one of my favourite childhood memories! :wub:

Almost every weekend my 3 sisters, mum Dad and i would head out to Wollongong and drop in a line.

Us girls on the hand reels and mum & dad with their rods. Although the catching was usually small ones for the kids, little girls love catching little fishies. (Now that im a big girl, hopefully i'll be catchin me some big fishies soon now that im back in the game!!!)

As for computer chattin madmac, the boyfirend is starting to call me a forum junkie as I spend quite a bit of time on this site. HAHAHA

Ahh the internet is a wonderful thing

Its great to read about peoples reports and always learning something new.

Thanks for sharing your stories folks

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Mrshookem loves fishing, but doesn't like touching anything.

So far she has caught a 4 foot Port Jackson in BBay and a 2" squire at Bantry Bay.

Re: the Port Jackson, she said rather quietly - "I think I'm snagged, the line's caught on the bottom". She passed me the rod and after 20 mins the little fella was on the surface...It was 4 pound line, so it took a bit of time. Turns out, she'd been on for 30 minutes, but didn't want to own up to being snagged..??? I was busy with the little nephews - we were busy smashing the trevs.

The squire was anounced with great fan fair when hooked...I thought it was going to be a beauty.....

It's great fun though! :1fishing1:

Mrshookem is an expert driver of the boat onto the trailer....which is a great help.


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My first post and how appropriate that it's on this particular topic.

A little different to most on this site is that I actually started fishing (again after a long hiatus) because of my kids! We were given a copy of Squidgy Secrets Part 1 on VHS last year and it ended up being a favourite of my two boys. They have been bugging me to take them fishing since.

Through trial and error, I figured that the best way for the kids to learn was to do float fishing off a jetty or rocks. The ability to see when the fish are biting and to strike when the float goes under are dead simple to learn and very exciting too. They use rods with no reels, just fixed line attached to a plastic spring loaded float and a size 8-12 long shank hook with dough as bait. Both the boys (6 and 4 years old) can bait the hook, cast out, strike, bring in the fish, unhook the fish and release it by themselves - which leaves me free to do my own fishing. No. 1 son can handle a reel as well and is quite good at catching whiting.

Here are some of their catches:



They still have some way to go before they can manage soft plastic fishing but they have a great time bait fishing ...

As for the wife, she's keen as well but gets put off when we have few keepers fishing land based. She dropped a bombshell recently when she asked me to consider getting a boat :thumbup: . I nearly fell over! Not rushing into it yet though - want to get the basics right first. Maybe next summer ....

Anyhow, great to be part of this friendly on-line community. Keep up the good work!

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Nice to see your first post :biggrin2: and the boys seem suitably impressed by their catches :thumbup:

Look forward to many more from you and your family.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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I have so many childhood memories but the best ones were time spent fishing with my dad. In the early days we used to drop a punt off the bank off Berrowa and row to our spots. Now I have 3 children and my 2 boys aged 12 & 15 love fishing and are an absolute pleasure to take out. My eldest got his boating licence and makes it so much easier when we launch in the morning as I just drop the boat in he gets it going and then picks me up from the wharf. The quality time we spend on the water is priceless and seeing the look on their face when they score a good fish is amazing. On regular occassions dad comes out as well and I can't think of a better way of catching up. So many of my friends complain that they can't relate to their kids and don't want to spend time together, well I keep on reminding them thast I don't have that problem actually quite the reverse where the boys nag me when are we going next!!!!!

I just hope that when I get to Dads age that my boys will look after me and take me fishin :1fishing1:

Here is a pick of my young fellow with a Salmon

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..... doesn't touch the bait - doesn't touch the fish.....

Hi Casper

Get her into Black fishing!!! No smelly bait!! Lots of fun, too. I still do beach fishing occasionally, but blackfishing and going for flatties on sps has changed my fishing life!! Re touching the fish - just give her a towell to hold it with - I use this for all my fish now - less scratches from barbs, too!



PS Fishing with my Dad was one of my first memories - his proudest catch ever, a jewie in the Maroochy River whilst we were chasing bream & moses perch next to him. We used handlines wound onto Coke bottles (still my favourite handline - so long as you tie it to the bottle well & put the cap on, if they drop overboard, they just unwind & the bottle floats! Just rewind it! You can even store a few hooks & small sinkers inside it. Self contained tackle shop!)

Get the kids out there fishing & having fun early & there will be a lot less social problems out there with teenagers later on! The chance for them to 'provide for the larder' gives them great self esteem & they are having fun whilst they are doing it!

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My 10 yr old daughter got me hooked on fishing...we went up to Nelsons bay with another family a few years before that and the other dad was a mad fisho...he bought up some rods and the kids had a fish...I just plodded along and didn't take much notice or get into it...late in 2005 when they started their holidays she bugged me to go fishing...we went out and bought some cheap crap and had a top day...even though I was clueless...ofcourse she caught more fish and a thumper of a bream...I was hooked then...I finally joined my local pub's fishing club and entered us both mainly at her insistence and we had a ball in 2006 competing in the comp which she won the Junior category plus the Ladies category...overall estuary she placed 3rd...even beat me...

I now have learnt alot and have good gear to fish with and she's up for a fish anytime...we struggle to get her up for schooldays yet I tap her on the shoulder at 5 am and she's out of bed in a jiffy...

Fishes better than me...jumps on the rod when it gets a strike...bloody hog...but I love it...other fisho's have been surprised at her knowledge and also when she reels it in she's got great technique...

pic of Cassie's flattie she entered last month


Presentation night...collecting her trophies and plaques...


Yes I'm a proud dad and saeeing as I don't have any boys...she more than fills that space for me...


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