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Whats On The Weekend


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Not much for me Stewy. :(

Still stuck in a rut. :05:

Here's hoping that after this weekend it's all go for me on the fishing/boating/canoeing front......hopefully. :1fishing1:

Good luck to all the Raiders and guests who get to dangle a line on the weekend and if you don't, good luck with what you are doing..........enjoy the weekend all. :thumbup:

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The :wife: & youngest son will be in Sydney for the w/end & the outlaws can't stand being with just me so they're off for a few days as well. :yahoo:

So I'll have J.J to myself for the w/end & the best way to keep him entertained is to take him fishing! :biggrin2:

Plenty of hours out the back & I'll take him for a bass session & try to get him his 1st of that species.

Should be a top w/end!



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Well tomorrow morning i will be in the harbour fishing, havent fished it seriously for some time now and some hoodys are being caught so i gotta give it a try.....

Sunday probably car hunting.....cant stand going around to look at cars......

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Just got a call from a mate will be heading out of the hacking tomorrow morning, out the heads and heading south for a troll and bottom bash. If you see us out there say hi we'll be in a 5.7m white trail craft with blue bimini.


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Saturday working

Sunday hopefully getting out in girlfriends dads boat onto botany bay or port hacking chasing some kingies, salmon and whatever else we find...if not and the weather is ok might go for some livies and throw a line off the relos pontoon sunday night and try and hook into something during the night. monday if nice might go out land based depending on the weather

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heading off tomorrow to fish one of the few bass comps that are on this weekend

well that was more than liky the worst run of luck i have ever had

weekend started out ok with a little rain but nothing much the tent went up easy and everything was right

saturday started out ok with us getting on the water nice and easy and everything working on the boat how it should

fished the first couple of hours with no dramas and then

the tiller on the electric seised up and locked into gear with out forceing it too much we tryed to get it to release and THEN POP and smoke poured out of the head of the unit untill we cut the power :mad3::mad3: danm no leccy now for the weekend

then to top that off as we started to drift fish a crack started to open up on the weald the joins the keel strip to the starbourd underside hull

GREAT no leccy and now we are takeing on water! :mad3::1badmood::mad3:

so now as if everything wasn't bad enoght we contuined to fish for only one fish amoung three of us in the boat needing to move around under the main motor and needing to hit the bilge pump and go for a drive every hour or so as the crack increased

we did continued untill later that after noon when we tryed to do a quick repair invloveing so silastik

BUT when we took the boat out some two hours later that still failed and to top it off the main battery went flat due to constaint bilge action :05:

good news for me but is that it can't get worst when your already flat on your back

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