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Pics Of The New Beer Can Finally!


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here we go, pics of my new tinny.


25hp yammy 4 stroke

navman 450 finder

full decks

brand spanker dunbier 4.2s trailer

all ready to go!



been getting it sorted to go all this week, will be heading down to the shoalhaven to take her for her maiden voyage.

got it on the new trailer via unbolting the front winch post, cutting off the drawbar, and winching onto the new trailer while the old one was sitting up on engine stands.

will be good to get out and work out exactly how i want to set it up ;)






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Hey mate,

My mate has a very similar hull to that...the same punt style with the sides on it, apparantly hard to get a hold of cause no one wants to get rid of em. His is a Quinny, but i cant remember the model ill have to ask him, is there storage compartments under the front platform?..

awsome little rig though..



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It is a 4.25 Brooker I think as a mate had a similar hull but the size smaller :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

upon further inspection im *almost* ready to ask you what beer do u drink ;) will make some calls during the week and send them some pics and see if they will claim it, cheers

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ive rang waterways, and the boat code number dates back to 2001. im guessing the motor is around a 99 model. after looking at the brooker website, it looks like a 430 saratoga, mite give them a call and ask some questions.

keep the ideas coming guys

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My guess mate would be Stessel because of the pressed gunwhales (not side sheets) If they are 3mm thick this is a possibilty. Quintrex use their own exclusive extrusion called facia for there gunwhales. My gut feel though is Clark

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I think it could be a Clark. Not sure what the model is though. Mate has a 4.2 and it so close to identical to your boat, I almost thought it was his.


hi mate, i ran the boatcode thru with waterways, and its came up as unknown/generic.

after spotting another brooker the other weekend, i think i owe swordfisherman a carton ;) pm me your poison and location champ

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