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How Quickly Things Can Change


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About 4 weeks ago I was contacted by a headhunting firm who were looking for people with a background in media and online advertising,now this wasn't the first time one of these firms approached me but there was something in about this time that I thought I had at least take a look.

What they presented me was an absolute pearler of an opportunity so I though why not, well for the last few weeks I have been going through a very rigorous set of interviews,negotiations and competency assessments hence the fact I haven't been around on here for the last few weeks.

The great news is that I nailed it and have just quit my job as a newspaper manager and start my new venture on the 2nd April and earn so much more money than I earn now it is ridiculous.

For ages I have been looking for a way out of the print media industry and just couldn't find something to replace it had almost accepted that I should just stay doing it and out of the blue this comes along. It means a couple of years of really hard work to get myself established in the new role that at the moment is a big secret as this highly succesful US business is about to take Australia by storm and the exciting part is I get to ride it from day one.

So while my fishing time may suffer and I wont get to tinker on the Val as much for the next year or so it's definately a big win for the family finances.

I may just be able to budget for a new boat as well as finish my Val in the foreseeable future afterall.

As the late great Bg Kev used to say i'm excited :yahoo:

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Well done Rob

Great chance to get ahead and do what you like

( i know we all can,t be full time fisherperson's)

Good luck with it

Are you sure its not a late April fools day joke (just joking)

cheers johnno

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Good on you Rob. Opportunities like that might only come once in a lifetime, so grab it with

both hands.

I know how it can be easier to stay in the one job for a long time.

I spent 30 years in the same job (also media) and I had the opportunity to change 3 times in my career

and never took it.

I don't regret not changing as when I retired last year, the payout was excellent, but I suppose

it could have been more had I opted to switch.

The other thing was, I got to travel a lot over the 30 years with my employer,which I probably wouldn't have got by switching.

Have fun in the new career as I know you will be happier, especially with the added salary.



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Congrats Rob

Its a great feeling to go through all the interveiw crap to find that YOU'RE the one they want. Gives you a real sense of acheivment & confidence. You obviously deserved the position so enjoy a little chest expanding.

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funny thing .

the other day i went to see a mate and his wife knew i go on fishraider and she asked me if i knew robthefisherman coz she works with him. hehe.

Who was that?????

Good on you Rob Nothing like a new challenge

Now I just need to know what company it is to satisfy my curiosity :1prop:

I suppose that will come in time

Yes all in good time mate

Wow, well done mate.

Cant wait to hear about this "storm" thats coming from the US

It will be a storm as in the way businesses market themselves to consumers, there is such a need out there for it and it overcomes just about every objection I have ever been given when selling ads in the print media.

All very bloody exciting from where I'm sitting

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