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Bbq Plate


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Not sure ir this is quite the right place for this post , but hear goes ,

I frequently read in the fishing reports lines like , threw the fish on the Barby , it was great

The question is , straight onto the plate or wrapped in foil , perhaps something else

My BBQ is the average type , cast iron plate on one side & grill on the other. Steak , sausages are the main meals & over the years the plate has become impregnated with meat flavour.

I try heating the plate until very hot then on with the water to steam clean. This removes a lot of the fat & the plate looks clean but the meat taste stills seems to migrate into the fish.

How do you clean your plate or perhaps use a seperate one for fish

Was thinking of getting a S/S plate as they do not absorb the food flavor .

Your advice would be appreicated



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Get the plate cracking hot and cover with salt. This will absorb all the fats etc that have accumulated over the years . Then allow the plate to cool , remove the salt and wash with hot water. Dont put cold water on a hot steel plate , it will buckle. The salt also has a sterilising property. Great for rusted plates as well . Then , get the plate hot again , and wipe over with vegetable oil , not too much , as it could ignite. Let this become smoky , allow to cool , then start cooking !!!


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was going to write salt and I saw your post ross and thought I would check it considering your the barbeque guro and sure enough you mentioned the salt. I rate myself very highly in the cooking barbeque stakes, I will have to challenge you at one of these socials.


going to be a tough challenge Ben. Hope you know what you're up against

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Ben you would have to wear an apron/dress like Ross & grow a beard! :tease:

Extra hands on the barby are always welcolme @ socials. Ross needs to have a beer break now & then. :biggrin2:

I knew you would be able to help on this one Ross.



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Try wrapping a brick in sandpaper and sanding it back lightly, thorougly clean it after you have done.

Another option is to buy new plates, no idea on cost and where you can get them

Another idea is just cook more fish :1prop::1prop:

cheers james

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I usually take my plates off the bbq and spray them with degreaser, wait 10 minutes and then scrub with hot soapy water and steel wool. I then thoroughly wash in hot soapy water a couple of times and they are like new.

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While commercial degreasers are undoubtedly effective at removing grease , you are still applying a hydrocarbon ( usually) onto a surface that you will be cooking food on. Mild steel is moderately porous , and unless you are very thorough with your after treatment washing , some degreraser could remain.


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Cut a lemon in half and rub/scrub it face down onto a hot BBQ plate. It removes all that built up grease and leaves the plate nice and clean. Also gives off a nice citrus smell.

On stainless steel BBQ plates.....personally I don't like them. I've used them a few times at Caravan Parks and they tend to stew the meat rather then cook it, they don't hold the heat like steel either. You can't beat a good old steel hot plate.

I can't take credit for this lemon tip either, as the :wife: told me about it. Amazingly it actually works!

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I have to admit I hate cleaning the BBQ. That is why I love the teflon sheets you can put on your BBQ.

You can now get them at most good kitchen stores (and camping stores). If you haven't seen them, type "teflon sheet" on ebay and there is usually plenty. You simply place them on your BBQ (or public BBQ) and cook on top (they can even be placed over the grill section). Cleaning is a breeze, roll it up then go and wash it in the sink. You can have a dirty, rusty BBQ can still cook cleanly on it.

Mick F

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i always get the plate hot and pour salt over it and wait for the salt to go brown, scrape all the salt off

and wash it down with beer , than when your finished cooking, scrape

it down again and spray it with cooking oil when it cools down, and cover it

then it's all oiled and ready to go for the next bbq.

cheers marty.

p.s. don't forget to drink the leftover beer. :beersmile:

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The best way I have found to clean a hotplate is beer. Plenty of it.

By the time you have knocked back a 6pack or two, you wont give a crap what's been on the hotplate, whatever it is just adds some extra seasoning...

The problem is convincing others. But beer works for that too! 2 more 6packs and you wont care what they think either!!! (or you could share it)

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Well i work at maccas and after we clean the grill ............we use sprite to wash it down and it works very well the grill comes up shining

Well you can't get beer at Maccas :beersmile:. I just heat her up and hit it with 2 litres of boiling water from the kettle. Beer works very well also and gives a nice taste for steak, not sure about fish though.

Interestingly I don't recall having ever cooked fish straight on the plate, I have always made a foil package with lemon/spices etc

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Gday raiders,

I have tried all of the methods posted and have steel and SS plates - 2 bbq's.

The ss are expensive to buy a pain in the A$$ to clean and keep clean.

BUt they dont carry flavours.

The best way to clean ss is this:

1. Plates are cold

2. submerge plates in a shallow tray with 60% hot water and 40% vinegar.

3. wait 5 mins

4. scrub with a light scourer.

5. rinse with clean water and cook.



(the heat burns olive oil and turns the plate black forever)

The best way to clean regular steel plates is this:

1. generously salt the plate - sugar can also be used

2. Apply med - high heat to allow salt to melt

3. scrap off the goo

4. rinse with beer - this is why they make light beer!!!

4. clean off with paper towel

5. apply olive oil and cook.

To clean after use - while plates are hot:

1. apply more light beer and wipe clean

2. apply olive oil and cover with newspaper

You cannot do any of the above without :beersmile: whilst doing.

To cook fish either wrap entire fish in foil (hots more heat and juices) or put a double sheet of oiled foil on flat plate or grill and cook away!

Good luck and happy BBQ-ing!!

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Lots of technical methods. Mine is similar to some but as a mad BBQ man I have been cleaning mine the same way for some 30 years. Firstly you must have a good plate - at least 12mm thick. Make a huge bonfire under it, spread 1/2 kilo salt and let it go for say 20 -30 minutes. Just as the flame goes down to coals, throw buckets of clean water over the plate. This removes the dirty salt and cools the plate until the water no longer boils on the surface. Now the plate is ready to cook on. The coals will heat the plate sufficiently and the 12mm thickness will hold the heat. You may have to occassionally throw a few small pieces of firewood on if you are having a long session, or to regulate the heat around the edges.

The main key is to have a thick plate which will hold the heat.

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Used to work for a large Australian casino and I cleaned up all the barbies after the major Gold Coast functions.

Heat the plate well up so its starting to smoke.

Then we poured on a chemical called "D9" it will make a black plate turn silver in about 1 minute.

Let the D9 soak in, and then start scrubbing and adding luke warm water till the plate is free of the chemical.

Repeat the process till the plate is crystal clear.

IMPORTANT: use 1 litre of vinegar to dilute and neutralize the chemical then procide to wash it off with water once again.

Spray the plate with oil and use a paper or hand towel to soak the plate with oil.

- Use PPE mask, apron, gloves, goggles as the chemical is highly toxic if inhaled freely and can give a nasty rash.

It's a commercial chemical used to clean ovens and grills....but, I can gaurentee the barbie will be brand brand new and works like a treat!

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