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Fancy A Cruise?


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That is some crazy...sh.ittttttt

How the hell was the helicopter staying stay stable in a cyclone

My thoughts exactly, I wouldn't be in a helicopter in the middle of a cyclone.

There is some serious rocking on that boat, I hope the people in the boat had helmets on..

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That would scare the crap out of me,,bet the doc was busy with sea sickness

When i was about 10 i was on a P/O liner going to New Zealand no cyclone just

big swell and the waves were coming over the front was a beautiful day too

in the pool surfing from one end to the other and washing up on the deck the other side

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Reminds me of a cruise on the TSS Fairstar we went on when I was about 10. Same thing, (No cyclone) but it was very rough coming home from NZ, I remember there were these big stairways around the ship & during the voyage from NZ the handrails on the stairs all over the ship had been lined with spew bags (The crew had put them out) they were spaced about every 2 metres :074:

Worst part was, some of them were full!

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