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Windang Snapper


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Got to shellharbour boatramp at 540 weather looked crap :1badmood: but we decided to go out any way headed out to secret spot 72 anchored up and started burlying up wih pillys as soon as we did it started pissing down and it was blowing about 15 nts we were gettin tossed around like a rag doll ah what the hell i thought were here now kept burlying up ten minutes later zzzzzz my rod starts screeming in comes first reddie about 1.5 kg all smiles , 5 minitues later zzzzzz again im on another reddie about the same size is boated ,noticed my brother was a bit quit he didnt look to good i set another floater on its way a couple of mins later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the reel screems this was definatly a better fish it had 5 hard runs finaly get it to the surface :yahoo: i yell out to my brother to get the net poor bastard was to busy on the other side of the boat providing his own burley :puke: he eventualy grabs the net and snapper about 4kg is boated :yahoo: i ended up getting 1 more reddie and my brother eventualy gets 1 he looks evan worse now starting to go green i didnt want to leeve this bite but didnt have much choose :ranting2: so off we go back to the ramp i dropped him off and went straight back out to the same spot didnt catch any thing so off to bass point were its a bit more protected did a bit of bottom bashing ended up catching a few leather jacket and small flatties called it a day at 1130

heading back out there monday with the bro if hes crook this time bad luck :biggrin2:

cheers mik


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:1yikes: nice reddie mate.. lucky your bro was not with one of my mates,he woulda thanked you for the burly and kept fishing.i was so green about 5k off garie beach a couple years ago and the swim to shore was starting too look good :074: . anyway top effort in shitty weather.....
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mate im shattered after just watching the tigers narrowly getting beat :argue:

but least seeing a nice red caputured locally cheerd me up abit hahahaha

great work bud awesome fish gotta love them when they start to develop

"the Bump" hope u nail a few next outing

cheerss steve

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Mate, if you see a twin screw carrabean stalking you on Monday, don't worry, its just me hoping to find spot 72! :1prop:

Actually, I'll trade you my spot- 16589.15 for your spot 72

How about it ????? :yahoo:

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