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Sydney Kings And Dollies


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gday fellow raiders,

organised a trip last night with iain reel addiction to head out and try get me a dollie or 2

as ive never caught nor seen 1 before..

meet up at the ramp around 630am conditions were light rain on the way and the water was a little

lumpy in side, first thing was first and that was to gather up some livies to use 2

ambush some dollies..

we headed over to our fav livie spot and started some burley,

yakkas were comming thick and fast on my new bait jigs :thumbup:

an hour or less maybe passed and we had around 25+ livies

a funny thing happened and there was a BIG splash over to my left within meters,

yakkas went off the bite INSTANTLY, it was REALLY fishy and i thought hmmmm preditors around

maybe kingys, salmon??

so i threw out a livie straight away,

within a few mins ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ torsa SCREAMSSSS into strike

still going then to sunset and were on :thumbup:

it was a good fish and fought hard but didnt give it room to move as we were within meters


turned his head and boated a VERY nice 92.5cm king comes aboard :yahoo::thumbup:

high fives ALL round and 3 stunned faces as we couldnt believe it, boy i was pumped :yahoo:

stuff this comotion iain throws out another livie BANG few mins again pass

short tuffle then a nice 70cm specimen landed

out goes another live another king then a 4th livie and a 4th king

both going 65cms and a 63cm.. post-1134-1176102972_thumb.jpg post-1134-1176103015_thumb.jpg

this all happned super quick and we couldnt believe it, the kings went off after this and

we made the decision to head to the FAD and have a sniff around for a dollie or 2.

made out way out through a bit of slop but iains bar crusher was cutting through like a dream,

got to the fad and spent a few hours there

landed 2 nice dollies going 70cm and POPPED MY CHERRY

i was more looking forward to seeing how they looked when they came out the water

geez there got some stunning colours to them..

we lost a number of dollies to pulled hooks but i was happy to get me 2..

we trolled lures all the way back hoping for a stripey to NO AVAIL

all in all a TOP TOP TOP day out thanks 2 iain great company and a nice ride..

cheers steve





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awesome day mate

what did you get the dollies on?

The dollies where caught on livies

Great report and some great fish there too!

What FAD did you go to and did you take any notice of the water temp out there?

about 2 km off the coast the temp was 23.0 and then it dropped back to 22.6 at the fad

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thanks for kind words boys, :thumbup:

sure was a great day out there,

dollies were a real bitch today i pulled hooks NUMEROUS times but learnt alot ready for

my next assult.. thanks iain :beersmile:

as iain said they were caught on yakkas but were also very finicky..

and domza we headed out of the bay today mate lauchd at cooks..

top day im stoked


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