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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the raiders getting up to this weekend?

the 14th.15th April 2007

Sat- don,t know yet

Sunday- might get out to the caravan 4wd and camping show

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the waterways.

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Going down to St Georges Basin to visit my brother for 4 days

gunna fish everyday

He has my Dad's home built timber boat down there and only lives 1 minute from the ramp

the fish are on down there at the moment so i should do better than i have been up here

fingers crossed

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St Georges Basin for the weekend out in the boat sat morning and sunday morning :yahoo:

see you there

i'm getting there on sunday

going to wandanian tackle shop at 11.30 am [my brother works there ]

then out on the water at about 1.00 pm

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Friday night, Juno Point and :beersmile:

Saturday night, friends place then on Sunday going out with the kids to watch and play on the model trains!

(We will certainly see who the biggest kid is that day!) :thumbup:

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All you blokes going fishing this weekend are lucky Ba@#*&%s

I'll be in Las Vegas with the tribe drag racing this weekend, but I will be back and on the water for an ANZAC Day fish.



I'm packed, when do we leave.........I'll be your deckie :074:

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Saturday FISHING domza is joiining me, heading out to the fads off botany.

Sunday recover.

Good luck to all this weekend and keep safe.

cheers james

Can't wait, hopefully i can get my first dollie

sunday working

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Not :1fishing1: i know that :mad3::mad3::1badmood:


What are you doing mate??? Fishing comes first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, put your foot down!!!!!!!!

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After 2 months off the water due to moving house I'm back!!! I am stoked!!! Itchy feet is an understatement!!! (in case you couldn't tell, I'm a bit excited) Heading up to the family holiday house at the Central Coast and will be :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1: Have a good weekend all!


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After dropping my folks off at the airport early Sat, headin out to Jibbon and bate bay for a fish with my wifes cousin.

Should be good normally catch a few when he's out with me.

Happy and Safe fishing to everyone else and maybe next time to those that aren't!


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