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Just Bought A Cheapy Half Cab Also Need Some Answers


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Just bought a 4.5 Mtr Half Cab Sundance Classic so cheap couldnt resist $1125

has 105 motor on the back [85hp cover] runs bit rough needs a good service but boat seems

be great condition well clean anyway has all tilt &trim new navman finder

Few questions like to ask

Anybody know what make the hull is ??

Also on the starter motor armature wire keeps coming off,, have soldered

it on a few times but keeps coming off after a few turn overs and then little smoke

gets fairly hot which i think is melting the solder

Is their another reason maybe its coming off or geting hot i know the soldering is

fairly strong


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Hey Hawksbury Bouy

What a beautiful, beautiful boat you have!!!


Do you think we're related? :1prop:

"Fanta Pants" has been in our family for about 20 years. She is a Sundance Classic just like yours. Mine has a 55 HP evinrude which has given me grief & pleasure all at once. The hull is ok, certainly soild enough. 55HP is a little on the small side but an 85 would prolly go very well. I was pretty sure the hulls were only rated at 55HP max but I could be wrong.

I'm sorry I can't help with the motor probs, I'm an outboard dud. There are a few people here that will probably know where to start with your probs though.

"Fanta" holds some very special sentimental value to me (My Dad's boat & lots of fond memories in her as a kid) Sounds like you got a bargin if it gets you on the water.

Good luck mate.

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Hey boofhead mate we must be twins, havent had it in the water yet

is bit hard to start but when warmed up starts first kick but

dont think would chance it on the water till get everything sorted

with the engine .The motor came with it with the spare 85 hp for parts

so dont know if its to heavy for it or knot, the sticker rating max hp is

worn and cant read it :(

Have you done anything to the lower wash transom area Bait tanks

under floor storage etc.

Year lurespinner was good price so couldnt let it slip bye misses bit :wife:

as already doing one up in the garage now just finished painting ready for



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  • 9 months later...

Hey HAWKSBURY, sorry mate I missed your last post.

I've done nothing to the boat other than fit a plastic mat (Read - Cut an old outdoor table into bits) that fills the section inside in front of the transom. I found that little drop down section protruded into the inside just a little too much & I constantly rolled my ankle when walking near the transom. The insert I made brings it all flush with the rest of the floor & still allows drainage to bungs. Also, it helped make the two 30 litre fuel tanks sit much better.

As far as other mods, I did plan at one stage to fit a fuel tank in the vee section between the seats in the cabin to try to add some weight. She is a heavy arsed 'ol girl & had trouble getting on the plane. I used to get passengers to sit in the cabin until she was on the plane. Everyone would lean forward, quite funny really, but painful too. I even found a triangular shaped tank made of ally that almost fit perfectly. (Still know where this is if your considering something like that)

I did want to put a livie well in the transom but never got around to it.

How is the fittout going? any pics on the overhaul?

I am seriously thinking about converting mine to a more open boat (Removing the 1/2 cab.) or maybe even a centre console. I have since bought a new boat so she sits in my carport patiently waiting for my son to inherit her. This will be the 3rd generation in our family to own her & I'm looking forward to doing this as a project boat with my two sons one day.

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I'm reviving an old thread here but would like to try get some information on the sundance classic half cabin boat.

This boat appears to have a fully sealed bilge and there is no way to get a bilge pump installed down there. In NSW there is a regulation that a bilge pump is required, wondering if creating a hatch and installing one is the right thing to do?

Any other info on the boat itself would be great, thanks

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