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First Yft


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post-4276-1182756472_thumb.jpgfinally got out for a fish after six weeks off my cousin asked me if a wanted to chase some YFT tuna with him and his mate so i couldnt pass up the offer so we headed out at bout 6.30am and it wasnt long b4 all five rods went off and we got 2 10kg ytf and dopped three couple hrs later we got another at the same size,then it went quiet for most of the day until late in the arvo when we seen some birds diving chasing some sowries so motor over there dropped some livies and i got my first YFT weighting in at 48kgs i was stoked.then we seen a couple of YFT jumping out of the water also chasing the sowries and boom we hooked another at 15kgs so in all it was a good days fishing and a top day to be on the water.
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:drool: Now that's what I like to hear

Looks like the Fin are out and about now :1naughty:

Can't wait to get out there and chase some when we get some decent weather!


Time to get out there,When the seas ,ease of abit :1badmood:

Very nice TUNA :1yikes::1yikes::1yikes:

Good on you :yahoo:

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sunday and it was off the south coast

seas LOOK to be VERY flat out there for sunday...

the weather up here was very ordinary looks to be awesome where u were

the weather gods must of been on ur side...

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WOW. That's what you call a gnice catch. Especially for your first. Well done. Now you have the feel for it you'll know what to do when that 80kg comes along :thumbup:

MMMM Entre...Sooshi, Mains...Peppered BBQ fin....Dessert...maybe just a little more sooshi. I'm getting a Homer drool.


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Great catch Azza.

I have got the biggest itch to get out there. My boat needs it to be a little flatter.

Unless the YFT's decide to start schooling up in rose bay.

Do you think if i berlied hard enough from the ramp, it would bring them on.

BTW this is my 100th post.

And it is on yellow fin. awsome.

Top stuff azza. Lets keep them comming.


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