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Quick Flick At Rodd Point

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Finished work a bit early today and I had enough time to get a few casts before the sun went down. I have been really keen of late to get out even if it means only 15 mins of fishing as I got a new outfit for my bday :1prop: . Anyway I got out there and my first cast was in at around 5:20 PM. It was pretty cold and the wind didnt help so I ended up just fishing around the building as it provided a bit of shelter from the wind. After a couple of casts around the building the cast near the pontoon was rewarded with a little bream 28cm. Didnt put up much of a fight but it was enough to make me :biggrin2: . A couple of shots and i released her back in to make someone else happy...hopefully me again when it gets a few more cm's under its belt. Kept flicking the plastic around and I was able to pick up a small tailor. After that I started to lose the feeling in my finger tips so I called it quits.



Looking forward to use my outfit again!!...still waiting for that 40cm+ breambo

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nice lookin combo mate!

someones lookin after you!

Thanks! the first time i was asked for what i wanted by my wife....i didnt need to be asked twice!! :biggrin2:

did you go during high tide? was this land based? i thought its really shallow there especially near the building there. Or did you go wading?

I was land based (on the shore..not wading) and the tide was rising .... half way to the full tide. It is shallow around the whole of Rodd Point but i have heard of people pulling in decent bream LB there. I often walk my dog around the point and if you sneak up sometimes you can see the bream eating off of the pontoon.

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Sweet looking combo there mate - care to share details of the reel/rod/braid?

Is that a Berkley Tournament Grub in Bloodworm colour? Top photos too

Thanks pmak!

the combo is

Reel: Shimano Twin Power 2500FB

Rod: Shimano T-Curve 6'6" 2 piece

Braid: Rapala Braid 6lbs

and yes its a berkley grub in bloodworm colour with 1/16 oz jig head size 4 hook.

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nice combo mate. i fished rodd point a few months ago and got one nice flattie on the point, heaps of snags though. got hit a few times off that wharf there but nothing.

thers was a young guy and his missus there fishing with bait who had a under sized bream. thanks to them for leaving their rubbish and bait in plastic bags on the wharf for me to clean up:mad3: :mad3:

ill try there again in summer i think.

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The :wife: asked if I could pick her up in the city today@ 5PM...I said sure with the idea of visiting our old backyard of 'Pyrmont' for another QUICK FLICK since I had the gear in the back of the car from yesterday! Pulled up infront of Jones Bay Wharf @ about 4:35PM put a buck in the meter and started walking down towards the end of the wharf. to maximize my time i was walking and threading on the ever reliable Berkley 2" Gulp in pumpkinseed while checking out if there where any bream feeding off of the pontoons. The water was super clear but couldnt see any bream feeding. Got to the end of the wharf @ about 4:40 walked down the stairs and flicked a bow and arrow cast in underneath the wharf. Tweek tweek ...tweek tweek...the water was soo clear i could see the grub making it way back to me and following it was a bream. I quickly let the grub drop and it followed fast then bang Im on ..i was thinking how good is this first cast and i'm on with a visual hit :yahoo: had to navigate the fish away from the pylons a couple of times and up came a little 27cm bream.


Took a few pics and released her back underneath the wharf. I had time for a couple more casts before having to rush back to the car and pick up the missus by 5PM.

Still waiting for that 40cm+ breambo but these fish are keeping my happy for now!!

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Been out and about IC after work for a flick the last few days with nothing much to show for except for a few small flatties and a couple of small tailor.



Even though it been quite slow ...for me anyways... I still went out after work today with high expectations and the theory of warm weather = more active fish :wacko: I threaded on a 3" bass minnow in watermelon and flicked away on the western side of IC near IC bridge.

Eventually got to an old favorite spot that I hadn't visited for a while (the wharf opposite Thompson St). 1st cast on the wharf was parallel with the shore ... I felt the softest of hits and my line straighten slightly so I struck and I'm on a decent fish as I can feel the weight already. At this point it wasnt putting up much of a fight and I was thinking big flattie...then the fish finally realised it was hooked and it ran for an easy 15m straight out towards the moored boats...now I had no clue what it was but I knew it definitely was going to be a PB :1prop: ...after its long run I started to pump and wind and slowly made ground on it...when it got close to the wharf I felt the classic thump, thump, thump and it was circling...so I called it to be a TREVALLY... after messing around trying to tail grab the fish I finally lip gripped it and up came my PB 44cm Trevally on 4lbs leader :yahoo:




Trevally on light line gets my adrenaline rushing fast :biggrin2:


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Whoa!!! Trevally are excellent on light line - well done on your PB. I think they fight much harder than bream - wish they were a year round proposition ...

Yeah they definitely fight harder!!! its good they fight clean...imagine if they fought dirty like bream trying to snag you up at any opportunity.

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