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Lost Kingfish!


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Hi Raiders,

Went out this morning with the intentions of chasing salmon or bream on sp's first stop we headed out to north head and found it a lil too quiet for our liking so we headed back in the harbour and decided to hit up some bream on light gear. Within minutes we were onto trevs and more trevs and the odd bream in between on the berkly gulp alive sandworms in camo..... decided to move on to a new spot ... spot XYZ and try get that big bream we wanted. A few casts and still nothing then on my 1-3kg lumis bream outfit and my daiwa sol 2000 BANG!!!!!!!!!!! and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ what a hit .. i called salmon at first but within seconds i was screaming KING KING quick put the boat in gear and chase ....

After a long long long and i mean long tussle and chasing this monster and a few heart wrenching moments when he dove deep i finally landed this unexpected visitor ...

Must say the best fight i have ever had on my DAIWA TD Sol 2000 what a lil gem of a reel ....

Hi fives all around and the rest of the day was wasted with just flatheads and taylor ....

Here is a pic of the King just before i released it ... without a scale my guess was 8kg



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great stuff mate that is a cracker catch.

Ive gotta ask though, how come you chucked it back? She sure looks legal, could have been some nice fresh kingie cutlets for dinner.

Well done all the same.

they tend to lose eating qualities when they get bigger, and they have more breeding potential at this size, so the smaller ones are better to keep

again very nice fish on light gear, did you measure it?

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