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Lion Island (north Face) & Patonga

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, another Ray , Hutcho report..... well this morning we headed over to our old faithful Patonga rock face, we scored a few nice good fighting little flatties and let them all go, then I bet Hutcho a dollar that there would be a flattie just over next to that rock, well he got slammed , this thing took off and it took all Hutcho's skill and guile to caress the monster to the boat, when I first saw it I said it looks about 60, 65cm but then as it came closer you could see it was a biggen, after a 5 or 6 minute battle I reached over with the net and there was a 76 cm flattie in the boat, good work Hutcho. We then measured the beast took some pics and then let her catch a few breaths and she slowly slinked away back to her rock, this why we love fishing. Anyway we thought about a few tasty bream, so we headed to another one of our spots , the north face of Lion Island, burley in the water and it was on, we nailed about 10 bream and a few trevs as well a huge P J, we kept enough for our families and then just had a bit of fun catching and releasing. It was a great morning out there, and Hutcho's flattie will be one fish we will remember for a long time, I'm sure she will be fine, maybe a little shaken.. Thats it raiders, hope you enjoy the report and the pics... Cheers Ray R..




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Well done Hutcho. :thumbup:

That is one mighty lady at 76cm..I wonder how many times she's been caught

and released in her long life.

A great session and it's days like those that stay in the memory bank forever.

Enter that grand old dame in the FOTM comp.



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That is one nice lizard.

We kept a big one last year at 88cm and never again will i keep a big one.

It tasted no where near as good as a smaller one and i have felt guilty ever since.

For those beauties in future its only catch, snap and release.

Ps Kingfish of Middle Harbour beware as i feel no guilt about eating you if your over 65cm.

Good onya!!! :thumbup:

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That big flathead was just waiting to happen RayR and Hutcho :thumbup: .... after all the effort you guys put into it in the lousy conditions this winter.

Only a couple of years back good size flathead were part of the regular bi catch around Lion and along the deep sandy runs between Walker and Juno in jew country.

I believe flathead results will improve out of sight this year when the warmer weather arrives.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks Ray,

Just woke up to see your post and it is great. Thanks for your help with the net and friendship on the water. I know we both got a great deal of satisfaction watching her slither back to her home. Hopefully for another Raider to enjoy another day.

Thanks everybody for your comments, much appreciated.

Regards, Hutcho

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What a top bomber of a flattie ... superb work!!

those grips look like the go for the careful release of quality fish.

great work - what did you get her on?

A berkley 5" jerk shad ( camo ), 3/0 jig head, Hutcho and I use shimano 2500 stradic reels 2.7 kg braid coupled with Ian Miller shimano rack raider rods, the gear isn't cheap but well worth the dollars...

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Good stuff guys! I spent a bit of yesterday in the 'Pig' out in the bay, but my results to yours is the old chalk and cheese. Not only empty handed, but Sea Pigs powerhouse had problems and I limped from Lion to Preety bch at about half a knot against both wind and tide (but I loved every minute!).

All fixed today ready for the hols! Where rock face at Patonga? Flatheads are legendary beasts are they not? Cheers Ray, see you around Copa.........Rubes

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thats a beast of a flattie, well done fellas.

Did you get your $1?

Yeah Dan and some. What I didn't actually say was that I was attempting to cast up onto the rock as a joke and pull the lure back into the water. As it happened the wind pushed it back and it dropped in just cm's from the edge.

regards, Hutcho

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Congrat Ray & Hutcho,

What a great day, a fantastic flathead and some good keepers. Glad you put her back, will have to do the same if I ever get one that big.

You certainly seem to be finding the fish now, might have to get some pointers Ray, I am still learning the tricks and have yet to consistently get fish, let alone keepers. Might be something to do with the times, tides, locations, bait etc :1badmood: .

Hope to see you and Hutcho out on the water or around Copa. I will be off for next 2 weeks, so hope to do some more learning and hopefully start to consistently catch some fish.

Copafisher (Steve)

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Well done guys, great catch.What a beautiful fish she was.

I've gotta tell ya, i would love a dollar for how many times i've seen a nice little ambush spot for a flattie to sit next to a rock and said to my mate- there'll be a flattie.............. and as i'm casting right up next to it...... i say..'there!", and sure enough, probably 85%-90% of the time, there is!!!!

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