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Bathurst 07


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Ok all you die hard V8 heads and headesses,

It`s that special time of year again and it`s happening on my birthday so finally I have the perfect excuse to spend the whole day Sunday on the couch with 1 carton of beer per person (new rules) and 1 bag of ice inside 1 big blue ford esky positioned right beside the Blue couch that Will be right beneath my Backside in front of the widescreen TV in the lounge room with the Air Con on high and entry to anyone else is by personal invitation only!! :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile::1prop:


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hhmmmm, much the same, happy birthday to you on the day, and like you I will be couch bound, but my birthday will be on the following Friday, and I will be breaking the rules (more than 1 ctn per person, lol)

Oh and, the rules will be broken by an all holden team. Go Holden !!

Have a great week end.


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