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Hawks Nest Pb's

Steve Mc

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G'day all.

Just had a great week up at beautiful Hawks Nest fishing pretty much every day.

The first half of the week started off quite slow. We (2 boys and wife) started the week mainly hoping for a few flatties by throwing SP's around. One day we got nothing and the others we got a few here and there. Jen managed a PB flattie at 48cm so she was quite happy with that one.

We decided to give the beach a go for a few salmon. Took down the pillies and a few metals but went home empty handed.

The back half of the week proved to be better than the start.

I changed plans for the beach and targeted bream and any early whiting that might have showed up. We took down our freshly pumped nippers and tossed them in to a well burleyed gutter. Well there seemed to be bream and dart everywhere. In the last 3 days of the holiday we managed just under 30 keepers which is pretty good for us.


Along with the bream and dart I managed 2 nice tailor with a 50 gram raider and my youngest managed a nice 61cm salmon on a nipper! For a while I thought he had the worlds biggest bream until it flew out of the water.


On our last evening we decided to go for one more flattie spin, and I am glad we did. We were all throwing 4" killer tomato squidgee fish when again the youngest yells "got a good one dad!". He was fishing with the 4 pound gear so the drag was set accordingly but the way this fish took line off the reel I knew he did have a good one. After a few minutes of winning and losing he finally brought this beautiful big girl to the sand. I could barely believe my eyes when I saw her. I grabbed the lip grip and gave her a measure, right on 80cm. "I got my PB" he says to me. All week he was telling me how he wanted to beat his 49cm PB. The fun wasn't over though because I forgot the bloody camera. I take that camera everywhere even if there is an outside chance I might have a fish and somehow on this occasion I left it at home. I did the only thing I could think of and Jen held her in the water while I raced back in the boat to get the camera. All ended well because after the photos she swam off back to the depths. I was so pleased for Scott (8 years) because he had put in a thousand casts over the week for that fish. When it comes to fishing in our family he has most of the luck but he does have the eye of the tiger when it comes to fishing.


Anyway lastly Matt (10) who isn't quite as keen on fishing as Scott but still enjoys it had some luck of his own. This week he actually learnt to cast on his own and with his own casting he managed a nice PB flattie of 38cm. I was very proud of him.


Now that I am back at work I am suffering badly, 10 weeks to xmas, thats what I keep telling myself.

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what a great family holiday when everyone enjoys :1fishing1:

and you get the :fish_h4h: biting

Top effort by the junior raiders McSotty and McMatty

absolute croc of a flattie and on 4lb, great job of angling

and a pic for the trophy wall :thumbup: well done Scott

also a great reward for Matt with a new PB Flattie

Nice PB also for Jen, looks like you were out gunned Steve


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Now that's a lizard!! :1yikes:

Well done to the young fella on a PB and what

a dazzler it is!

It will stand for a while I expect, until you get hold of

her grandmother.

Don't forget to enter the old girl in the FOTM.

Cheers and well done...a great holiday.


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Wow Steve & family - what a fantastic finish to the trip! That flattie was a monster & so well caught by the young fella!!! Most would have lost it early in the fight! Well done on putting her back, too.

The other fishing outings sounded fun too - specially once you got on to the nippers!! That salmon was a beautie, too! Don't they go???

Well done!


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Thanks everyone for the kind words. It really was great fun.

Lurespinner, get your nippers over at Tea Gardens. The best bet is to boat or paddle if you have a kayak across to the islands straight in front of the boat ramp. Nippers everywhere. In the whole week we were there, I only saw one other person pumping for nippers.

Go for flatties near the shortcut from the Myall heading into the main bay. I don't know why but we only ever picked up fish when there was very little or no wind. Time of day didn't seem to matter.

For beach fishing we simply found the first gutter from the golf club entrance to the beach. On the beach we did well on the rising tides but that was perhaps just luck. We were going fishing at those times regardless of the tides. I can tell you though that I saw a few others that were using baits other than nippers and they didn't do as well, but I didn't see them burley either so maybe that was the difference.

If you can get some weed, there are heaps of blackfish under the bridge too, but with the strong water movement you will have to pick between tides for that one.

Good luck and if you get any big girls, and I know of at least one out there, put them back.


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What a great report mate, that flatty was a ripper. By coincidence RayR and I just got back from Nelson Bay last night after a weekend fishing trip. Because of the wind on Saturday we couldn't get outside so we fished Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens. We threw plastics where we could and only picked up a couple because of the wind. We kept commenting on how fishy it looks up there with the different creeks and the overall estuary system has great structure.

In my opinion your report sums up to me what fishing is really all about, again well done.

Regards, Hutcho

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Great report there Steve. Always good to see kids getting into the action, even better when they trump the adults. Kudos to you for giving the family a great fishing holiday which I'm sure they'll remember for years to come .....

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I am heading up over christmas and i cant wait, i picked up a nice lizard a few years ago when i was up there mucking around throwing sp's on the little bit of sand out the front of Moira Ave on the hawks nest side.

I will be hiring a tinnie this year and will be spending a good day out there exploring..

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