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Syd Harbour King


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hi all

headed out friday night to get squid for sat to chase kings

got to the usual spot for squid at about 8.30 and in 2 hours had my bag of 20

So of for a sleep, woke at 4.30 and ran into netic and big steve

had a chat about the days adventure and we set off

well the sun was shinning for the first time in a long time!

and this must have scared all the kings away i tried every marker in the harbour

for nothing but pickers :mad3: so i head to seaforth to anchor up and cook some breaky.

Set the rods out with last 2 live squid and as it always happens just as u are about to attack

the BE roll both rods get smacked :thumbup: so with the BE roll turfed i grabed the first

rod and strike and im on, a couple of winds and back in the rod holder it goes

Turn and grab the second rod and strike fell go pressure then the drag starts to sing this is a better fish

so i try and turn his head but i can fell the leader grinding on something :ranting2::ranting2: then ping

the leader pops i wind it in to see the leader shredded

a bit more :ranting2::ranting2:

Then i remember the other rod is still connected turn and start to wind its still on :yahoo: a short fit

follows and a 70cm king is boated


that was the end of the bait so i headed off home

picked the crab pots up, on the way home for 4 females all released and 1 nice male

so not a bad day but not the one i had planed



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Wether your in the estuary or trolling the canyons ,you havent turn a reel for hours you get lunch (or breaky as the case may be )out chicken ,coleslaw ,bread and bang next thing you know the chicken on the floor and your stepping on the bread ,i think fish have a sick sense like lets pinch those squid while his having breakie ahh!.

nice fish anyway ,better then my day i finished up kings 3 me 0


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sorry crazey john i wasnt sure that was u with the boys,it was nice to meet u

and my mate i found out was drinking and half tanked sneaky little bugger



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Top work miller.

I also had a slow day on the kings and the squid. 2 throw back kings and a sambo consolation prize. At least you ended up with a keeper. Top effort.

I did find though that the cuttle fish live baits went off and no king hits on the squid... hummmmmm

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