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Bream On Poppers


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G'Day all,

Has been a long time since I have been able to view the forum as I have commenced a new employment opportunity. I have had my eldest daughter with us on holidays for the last 5 weeks and we have been targetting fish on poppers, as she had yet to catch anything on a popper.

To her credit, she picked up the 'popper principles' very quickly, and finally she snagged three small tailor. She was really chuffed as they gave her a bit of curry on the light line, although they were quite small. I was targetting the timbered areas and using my popper to demonstarte the different technique required when hunting bream. In front of my daughter's eyes, this bloke thumped the popper:


43cm and 1.52kg of muscle and attitude ... niiiice!

A couple of smaller fish located around the snags but nothing else worthy of a mention, so I started targetting the deeper water for whiting. Different technique used, resulting in a good whiting of 39cm. Found a shallow bay with a forest load of underwater timber. 1st cast and a 30+cm bream nailed the popper, leapt out of the water and threw the popper, with the fish going east and the popper going west, all in about 3 seconds. LMAO! Next cast, and a 40cm 1.2kg breambo wasn't quite so lucky!

All in all we had a fun session, with the icing on the cake being my daughter's first captures on popper!!!


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That is a thumper of a bream.

I have been a keen SP fisherman and only converting as of the last months.

In that period I have caught better quality fish then previous years.

Since going to a trip in Lake Cathie I have been converted.

I have converted my friend on S.P's and he is now he is addicted like me.

I am yet to test the MIGHTY Popper and would be keen to go outside.

Let me know you go on the weekend?

That is awsome that you showed you little girl how great it is. I have a little girl too and cant wait to covert to S.P's fishing...

Good luck!!!!



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Give it a go, guys! I even had takes on my 'do nothing' retrieve! I was playing around with my anchor in the yak & there were repeated swirls as the bream had a go at the popper that was just sitting there doing nothing!! :1prop:


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Anyone know of a good site that I can learn a bit about the different techniques on poppers ofr the different types of fish?

bought myself my first popper on the weekend... now to try him out!

Go to youtube and put in bream on poppers there is a japanese guy doing it and it shows exactly how to do it

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I agree Hodgey is a Freak on poppers....I caught up with him last year at Tuross (his local system) and he and his mate had two of the biggest bream I've seen in my life.

Light Popper fishing is so visual and soooo addicative....before I go fishing these days I pray for overcast days just so I can popper fish for longer periods of time. (Hodgey gave me the tip about shade and overcast days too)

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