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Hoodie With Attitude


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G'day Raiders

I was lucky enough to get out and spend the day with Pete and Chuck from Go Fish. Thanks fellas!

Early start and our plan was to try and get a few livies and then spend some time downrigging for some Kingeys. After that try and catch the run in tide and go for the ever elusive big Jewie and a few Bream.

We were greeted by almost perfect conditions and the livies obliged. A slimey and a good few yakka. Double downriggers and off we headed.

Pete and I witnessed something very special - Arial acrobatics from a breaching bronze whaler. Man what a sight! The kind of thing if you saw it on your own and you told someone they would not believe you. The colours in the morning light were incredible

Made a nice round of coffees whilst the riggers were down and putted around having a good jabber then we see a school of very nervous garies scatter over the surface. Here we go here we go

Exciting stuff!!!

My remaining texie gets hammered. ( The downrigger and the rod each had their own safety harness )

Now the team sprung into action. Chuck got the boat well away from the rocks and Pete cleared the decks. Quickly we had cunningly swam him off the rocks and away from any structure. This brawler hardley realised he was hooked but boy when he did he went crazy.

He got the old drag washers heated up as he took off on a few blinding runs.

Then what happened next was jaw dropping...

He knew he was beaten by not having structure so he swam straight at the boat and rubbed up against the hull not once but twice!

Amazing behavior. SH*(&^ I thought he was gonna bust us off on our own boat!!!

Chuck cut the motor and lifted it out the water just to make things harder for this hoodie.

So in the safety of the open water we were able to subdue this amazing fish and get him on board. He went 94cm and 7 and a half kgs.



We snapped a few photos and put the thug on ice!

Wow what a start to the day.

We continued to downrig and we think we got hit by a shark who took the stinger off the rig without popping the rigger but left the yakka with a few nasty lacerations.

Packed in the downrigging and got set up at the run in Jewie spot. Chuck got a few nice bream on light gear using his gourmet bait.

The usual pickers and peckers were about but the big fellows didn't come to play.

The sun dipped behind the skyline and the nor easter seemed to get a bit colder. So we pulled the plug an headed home.

All in all what a great day.




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Good stuff Gents,

Nice fish, I bet he gave you guy's some stick. The big guy would of had fun filleting that thing.

Glad to see you've got safety lines on everything lol.

Well Done.


Roffo :thumbup:

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That's a cracker of Kingfish alright Inhlanzi, ! It looks like a well tuned three man operation too. :thumbup: Maybe downriggers down deep at anchor, when the kingfish have gone ay.

Mike after you reduced the field down at Hawkesbury last time, there might be only two hundred and forty nine sixty odd pounder jewfish remaining at large. :D:lol:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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We continued to downrig and we think we got hit by a shark who took the stinger off the rig without popping the rigger but left the yakka with a few nasty lacerations.

probably a big LJ, a shark won't just snip through heavy line (leaving the livey intact and without pulling the line from the clip)

nice king

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Guest GoFish Pete

Yes another top day on the water.

After we got the King I could tell that we would pursue Mikes dream of a King and a Jew on the same day but to no avail , oh well there is always next time.

I will give it another shot on Saturday with a good Go Fish customer and maybe try for a King on Sunday in a totally different waterway , Port Hacking.

Anybody know of any really good livie spots in the Hacking ?

P.s. the King tasted great after a 12hr day at work , sort of makes it all worthwhile.


GoFish Pete

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Hi GoFish Pete You should get your livies in close to Gymea Baths. If not near enough to downwind and not finding an abundance of Slimys, Yellowtail etc, go over to the other side to South West Arm. Jew spots in the Hacking that I have found to work best are the area outside the Marine Sanctuary just around the corner at the start of the "mad mile" the run to Lily Pilli and anchoring outside of the main boating channel during the run in, fishing back towards the main channel.

Fish off ShipRock itself about 150 yards around the Burraneer corner on the run out. The Shiprock sanctuary zone applies to the area within 60 metres of Shiprock. Also Burraneer Bay Marina has 45 into 60 feet deep around 100 metres away from the Marina. The Marina is on the same side as the boat ramp and about three minutes away at idling speed. I line up the Marina with two boat sheds on the same block on the opposide side of Burraneer Bay, where one has a metal roof and the other boat shed has terracotta tiles. It would probably pay to use Water St boat ramp and only motor up to Gymea Bay to have a look at the waterway and it's sandbars etc. When you finish your jew session at the above spots you would only be minutes away from the Water St boat ramp going back in thru the deep water rather than going back in the dark to the ramps at Dolan's or Swallow Rock.

Hope you and your customer do well on the Hacking. I have had success in those two spots up there only a couple of weeks and a couple of months back.

Hope this helps.

Pete thanks again for the fishing gear you mailed up to me.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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