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The Storm V Sea Eagles


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Watched both games, last night and tonight...

The Storm didnt bring they're best game, but managed a more than convincing win over the Sharks, a finley tuned machine they are...

The Sea Eagles were in great form,who also had a more than convincing win over the Warriors, and have won they're last 5 games by 13+...

Melbourne are the favourites at the TAB...

My moneys on Manly to win.


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I really hope its manly, i'm so sick of melbourne and they way the act.

I thought Bellamy and the CEO were way out of line saying what they did at the press conference after the game. He wonders why it looks like melbourne are being targeted, maybe because they most heavily use the wrestling to such a point that its dangerous and ruining many aspects of the game.

I reckon they got what they deserved in terms of the fine and i'm happy that Smith got suspended now hopefully they'll lose the final and i think most people will feel better.

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i went last night to see a robotic very discaplined manly in defence..

no real line breaks as if a player fell off the tackle there was others there...

the scrambling defence was the standout as warriors did a bit of hot potato with the ball and manly just held there line..

manly threw the ball around like they were trailing by a couple tries. so did warriors but with not much impact due to defence..

some of the most spectacular tries ive seen for a while...

if manly play half as good as last night and storm dont play much better than there last outing then manly will romp it in..

in saying that it will be a much harder game and im sure belamy will be revving the guys up for a very tough defensive game from both sides....

looking foreward as it should be a cracker of a game...


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not a supporter of either team - difficult to get excited about them.

I think that Melbourne will win if they take Friday's form with them. Reminded me of a State of Origin type of defence. Poor Sharky's got so close to the line but couldn't get over.

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