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Urgent - Critical To Vote No Over Weekend


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The Manly Daily is conducting their daily poll in today's edition.

The question posed is "Should fishing be banned at Long Reef to protect grey nurse sharks?"

Vote at: http://www.manlydaily.com.au/

Thank you for taking the time.

This is important and you can bet the Greenies are mustering even more support to vote Yes in this straw poll.

Please pass this along to anyone you think may be appropriate

Vote now!!!!!, its on the top of the page in small text under the "poll" heading.

We have been going great guns, thank you to all the raiders but we have to keep voting till monday very very important

Help Provide The World's Best Protection for NSW!

(Actions are at the end of this email!)

The biggest NSW marine sanctuary plan ever was launched on 4th December 2008 by NPA. If implemented this will help gain the world's best protection for NSW oceans.

More marine protection

The aim of this campaign is to gain marine sanctuary status for 20% of NSW oceans reaching from Tweed Heads in the north to Cape Howe in the south.

These sanctuaries will give our NSW oceans protection for the future. These fully protected areas will help to boost the numbers, size and productivity of our fish, help protect our critically endangered species and provide valuable tourism and economic benefits.

If implemented they will help ensure we can all continue to enjoy our oceans for generations to come.

Successes to date!

In the last week NPA has received extensive TV, radio, print and online media. We have had a number of MPs, groups and supporters show their support. Our first council came on board on Monday and we’ll be working hard in the coming weeks to ensure we continue to work towards a commitment from the NSW Government to building the proposed network of protection for our oceans.

You can help provide sanctuary to our marine life - Blue is the New Green!

You can help support this landmark campaign by:

- Making a donation on our website or by calling (02) 9299 0000.

- Alternatively visit our campaigns page for other ideas of how you can help

An easy way you can take action right now!

Today, Sydney’s Manly Daily paper is conducting an online poll to determine support for the protection of one of the remaining key sites where our critically endangered grey nurse sharks live. NPA is proposing sanctuary protection for Long Reef on Sydney’s northern beaches as part of a large multiple use Sydney Marine Park.

The result of this poll will influence the decisions of government officials – we need your vote!

Step 1: Please take two seconds to vote 'Yes' saying we should protect Long Reef’s grey nurse sharks. Simply click on the link at http://manly-daily.whereilive.com.au/

Step 2: Pass this onto your contacts asking them to put in their vote online to support the future of our marine life.

Step 3: Visit our campaigns page for other ideas of how you can help protect our oceans

We look forward to keeping you up to date with this campaign as it develops

By working together we can make BLUE THE NEW GREEN

Kind regards, Nicky

Nicky Hammond

Marine Program Manager

National Parks Association of NSW

PO Box 337, Newtown NSW 2042

Tel: 02 9299 0000; Fax: 02 9290 2525

Email: marine@marine.org.au

Website: www.marine.org.au

Join NPA~Marine today www.marine.org.au/supportmember.htm

Call 02 9299 0000 to make a donation today


Sydney Harbour Week Award for the Environment 2007

Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships - National 2007

If you would like to unsubscribe from this email list please email marine@marine.org.au with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

NPA: 50 years protecting nature

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