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My Pb Soft Plastic Flattie (1100mm)


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Got out for a :1fishing1: on the 20th December but probably should have stayed home packing boxes as I was moving house on the Monday :wife: but you know sometime you’ve gotta do these things.

Well the day started off at 5am putting the boat on the water and we thought that the weed beds around the boat ramp looked fishy again, so we decided to have a flick with 4 inch plastics, well what a disappointment in 2 hours of flicking and colour changes all we got was 1 undersize flattie. So off to our usual spot; well we get around the corner and the water was as brown as mud :thumbdown: . Change of plan back to the clear water and a downsize of lure to a 3 inch squigy shad.

we found a likely spot where the water was 4 to 5 feet deep and a few nice weed patches with plenty of bait fish well with my first cast of the 3 inch shad I jagged a 1 inch bait fish then about a 10 minutes later my rod buckled as if I hooked the bottom than all of a sudden line started to peel of my little bream outfit and first thoughts were crap I’ve hooked a stingray and as I was about to put the hand on the spool to put a stop to the run and pull the hook or bust the line which ever came first. It happened a few head shakes, (you beauty a decent fish it was about time) it took a further 15 minutes to coach her up into view and another 5 to get her to the net and boat.

It was only when we went to take a few happy snaps that we realised that some numb nut left the brag mat at home (that would be me) but I must admit it was the first fishing trip in about 6 months that I actually put the camera' in so after a few happy snaps we let the big girl go to fight another day.

The esky that the big girl is pictured on was 1050mm and she was hanging over the end by about 50mm when snug on the other end. in all she was a great fish that I am enjoying rubbing into my fishing partner who's only come back is "if it wasn't for me netting it you wouldn't have got her in the boat" well he is probably right as the plastic's hook was bent at 45 degrees when the hook was removed.

Then the day turn bad with the motor getting a blocked water intake which meant that we had to use the electric motor to get back to the boat ramp. Well it was only a blockage but at least I now have some bragging rights for a while :1worthy: .




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Well done,

Its got me stuffed how such an ugly fish looks so beautiful.

Good onya for letting her go. I have taken a few bigger ones recently but the next few are going back in the water to breed on.

It is so rare to see them that big :1yikes:

Cheers for 2009.

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must be a few big ones around up on the mid north coast...

was snorkelling along a weedy drop off in nambucca yesterday and saw 2 huge crocs resting within about 20 metres of each other. One dead set scared me it was so big. I would say at least 1.2m with about a 30cm span across it's head! the other would have been about 90-100cm and had a about a 30-40cm buddy hanging round it. also saw a fair few others hiding on the edge of the drop off around 40-50cm.

this was at the inlet behind the "v-wall" where lots of kids and families swim in the river.

I didn't have time to get the rod out and have a flick, but i had a handline handy, the plan was to snorkel out and dangle a SP in front of them to see if they'd take it, then swim in to shore (only 10m away) and wind it in. But i got tangled and scared them off splashing around so no success! haha. I was more interested in actually seeing how they swallow the lure than anything anyway. oh well.

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