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Show Us Ya Best Drummer!


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Thats not all...

Old property without the fence (crime wasnt an issue back then was it)... The old half tyre over the water metre... Gotto love that Kingswood!

I noticed everything bar the drummer in that pic for the 1st couple of split seconds!


We need to start an old memorabilia section with historical pics and articles that remind us of the good old days... I think that would be of great interest and benefit to Raiders!


I agree Musty.

A museum section, where fish and maybe fashion from a bygone era live again. We can get misty eyed about monsters (again maybe both fish and fishing fashion) that no longer exist.

The old boys can bang on about how much better it used to be 'Back in the day', I know I'd enjoy it.

Need a name... 'When I was a Boy', 'Back in the day', 'Remember when'.

Sepia colored and faded photos, all good.

Bring it on.



PS. Nice pig Terryuts.

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u are the drummer legend

can u tell me the secret how u catch 11.3 kg silver drummer?

cheers terry

know where and when to fish ,plan it ,bearly it up for a few days before ,thew will come in for a feed if its their regular .

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did you notice the old datsun 120y in the second photo!!

white with a black vinyl roof!


One of my highschool mates had a 120Y, but it was stuffed with a 2L turbo donk taken from a Dato 1600 drag car, freakin hell went like a bat outta hell... and then some!

ya could lite it up in 2nd from 2kRPM all the way through 3rd, then into 4th- had a Celica 5 speed behind it aswell cart would be shakin like a proverbail wiuth the DT's around the 215/220km mark 15.gif

Sorry to get off topic, but them piccies from the 70's/80's sure bring back some memories- and what about them Pigs Pete- freakin monsters! 1yikes.gif

Pete... you sure your old mans name wasnt in fact "Bruno"??? roflroflrofl

Tight lines



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