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Ray And Hutcho Out On Brisbane Waters

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, today was my christening of a Jewie on a plastic but I will get to that a bit later..

Hutch and I started our day on the water today around 7:00am and it was a cracker morning.

First up we drifted for flatties around the Hardys Bay area and found a few small but legal flatties.

Hutch was scoring some nice fish today and I was dragging the chain with only one keeper and some

small models..

On one occasion we hauled in to start another drift and I had the smallest flattie ever on my plastic,

this was a real sight and we had to grab a pic of this, it was so tiny, he was only a touch bigger than

the plastic.

Anyway the day and tide rolled by and it was nearing the end of the out tide so Hutcho said we should

try for a slack tide bream or jewie, well that turned out to be a great call.

Hutch took us up to a spot he knows that has some good holes and we sent down our plastics.

Hutch scored 2 more 40 oddcm flatties, I manned the net and we now had a few nice flatties in the esky.

We go for one of our last drifts as now the tide is almost dead, then I get a whack as does Hutcho,

I feel a fair weight and one hell of an angry fish on my outfit, I tightened up the drag a bit and had a

good battle with a fiesty little jewie and after a short tussle I got my first glimpse of the prize

however he wasn't done yet and he took another dive, I held him up fairly tight now and the next time he

surfaced Hutcho slid the net under him and the prize was taken.

Hutcho made my day, he called the spot and the tide and we scored the little Jewie, we were both stoked.

That is my first Jewie on a plastic and although only a 59-60cm model it will always be my first ever,

as I said 10 out of 10 for Hutcho for calling the move, good onya buddy.

We also bumped into a good friend of ours John and his son Jacob in his new boat, we had a chat and were

intrigued by our plastics fishing, they are not really (keen as mustard fishos) but I think that changed

when Hutcho and I gave the boys a couple of plastics and jigheads, I showed young Jacob how to feed on the

plastic and gave a few jigging techniques. We set them on a drift and whammo, John's plastic got smashed

by a 43cm flattie and he was wrapped , hey this no bait fishing is great and Hutch and I were very happy

for the boys.

Anyway at 12 noon we headed back to the ramp as 2 very happy fishos, we have a nice feed of flatties,

my first jewie and a friend with his first flattie on plastic, what a top morning.. :thumbup:

post-3371-094116800 1289713549_thumb.jpg

post-3371-014381800 1289713578_thumb.jpg

post-3371-045549100 1289713613_thumb.jpg

post-3371-016757300 1289713773_thumb.jpg

post-3371-026930400 1289713691_thumb.jpg

post-3371-010240400 1289713736_thumb.jpg

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:yahoo: Congrats on your first lure-caught jewie, Ray. Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Great call by Hutcho :thumbup: Terrific to see another successful convert to plastics, so quickly after their introduction :1yikes: A rewarding and productive day on the water :yahoo:



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Great report there Ray, what a great day.. I can't wait to get amoungst it again soon..

By the way where about is that boat ramp? it looks great.. can you IM me some details on where it is and how to get there please

PM sent....

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Hi Mondo,

Great report it was good to see you so stoked to catch that fish. It just goes to show that you just have to have a go. Hey that rythmes!! Anyway, this is going to be a cracker season so the next big challenge is our full day on nothing but poppers. Stay tuned raiders for another great adventure.


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