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Port Hacking 24Th Dec


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Hi All

Hooked up the tinny on thurs afternoon to head offshore and chase some of those kings

everyones getting. Then the southerly hit and kept blowing, changed the game plan and decided

to fish the river for whatever was around.

Fri morning was overcast and very cool which meant the boatramp had parking and little traffic

on the water. First stop was Mainbar to pump nippers then up to the sandflats to chase whiting.

Heaps of whiting but they appeared to be in a spawning aggregation just chasing each other round

and not interested in bait or lures. Heads and fins were a very dark colour and bodies very light.

Perserved casting small unweighted nippers on 2 kg mono catching a few under size fish then a small

take came up solid lots of weight but still coming towards me. I got to see one of the largest

flathead I've seen in Port Hacking on the end of my line. Then remembered 2kg line, 30cm long 6lb

fluro trace and a no. 4 long shank whiting hook. Didn't fancy my chances, anyway sent my son back

to the boat for the large landing net while the fish powered out into the channel taking 40m of line

in no time. A see sawing battle lasted about 10 mins when my son saw the fish he thought he should

have grabbed the gaff instead. Another stressful 5 mins to get the last 5 m of line and the fish was

in the net.

Back to the boat for a measure and a photo and fish was successfully revided and released to fight

another day.

Luckily the hook was in the corner of the mouth and the Platypus pre test line was new.

We then went and chase tailor and bonito at Lilli Pilli keeping a few of each with a whiting and a bream

and back at the ramp by 10 am as the weather was clearing and the boats coming out on the river.

post-6756-034452800 1293321025_thumb.jpg

post-6756-003624800 1293321510_thumb.jpg

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