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90cm Kingfish caught from kayak


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Hi Fishraiders,

I caught this bad boy this morning (Sunday 9/1/11) around the lower reaches of Sydney Harbour on some large Yakkas. I trolled them on my downrigger at 30ft and it did the trick... My first hook up I got busted off - must have not been hooked well. :1badmood:

Then I caught this guy - He bent the rod over, took line some line and I got a little back. Until he had a blistering run, then I knew it was a good fish and it was on like donky kong! :yahoo: We are eating fresh sushi and will be having Kingfish steaks for the next four nights;) :thumbup:

It took me out into the middle of Port Jackson about 100 meters from where I hooked up and I was stumbling to get the downriggers up as he was trying to rip my arm from it's socket :biggrin2:

If you interested the gear I used:

10 -15kg rod

6000 reel

50lb braid with bimini twist

Albright 60lb Monofiloment

Swivel 100lb Florocarbon

Double snelled 6/0 Owner Circle Hooks

I hooked the yakka through the first hook and I left the second as a stinger trailing behind and that stinger is what did the job - right in the corner of the mouth.

Gotta love Sydney Kings! :1prop:



post-9297-055124300 1294545696_thumb.jpg

post-9297-061893600 1294545730_thumb.jpg

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Very nice yak king well done.Very well behaved of it to tow you out into claer water, they are not always as obliging.


It was more the current than the fish... Luckly I was fishing on the right side of the hbr.

Thanks to all for the positive comments.



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Top stuff, i don't know how you blokes do it all from a kayak when you are restricted from certain movements, have to do the lot from sitting but i bet it's a high getting trolled around from a big fish, good luck to the kayak blokes out there and well done mate on a solid fish.:thumbup: Cheers cg.

Hi George,

You would be very suprised m8, the hobie outback kayaks are actually very comfortable, stable and you have the added advantage of stealth with out the cost or smell of a engine... The only challange is lifting the 28kg yak onto your roof without scratching it!



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Well done Andrew!!! :yahoo: That is an AWESOME capture!! Gee how lucky was that, with the current assisting you away from the snag!

Yum Yum Kingfish Steaks! :biggrin2:

I'll be in Sydney towards the end of Jan for Keith's next Dr appointment & will be meeting up with other yakkers at Bayview, hoping to catch a small kingie to burst my kingie cherry ........ fingers crossed!! In my Sport, I don't think I really WANT a whopper!!!

Cheerio & congrats on your TOP FISH!!


You should submit that to the Fish of the Month Competition!! :biggrin2:

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Great catch!!!!....Good to see you Yak blokes out there,,,, funny you know sometimes im out 1 or 2KMs anchored and fishing quietly and a Yak cruises past me,,, you guys have got ballz!!! .....I see many sharks out there!!!

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