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Saved the best till last!


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Hi All, so I left the best post untill last. Headed out to west head to pick up some livies, not alot of yakas but enougth. Then headed out to Newport reef where I landed my moie. We were fishing for kingies with the yakas, no sign of them but we kept drifting. Dan (allfisher) saw a shark and his rod beny over. Since we were fishing for kings there was no chance our gear was gonna pull in a shark and like that he has cut off the line. :ranting2: Not happy!!

We started to burley up and put a wire chase out, no action for over 2 hours so time to head back in. For some reason Dan decided to stop at The Valiant. Pick up a yellow tail with a kingie following it so out went of live yakas again. After a few drifts and nothing, I saw a shark and you guessed it, no wire chase out AGAIN and down goes my rod :ranting2: surly not gonna pull this guy in. After 20 mins of fighting and chasing him with the boat I managed to get him to the boat. Having never landed a shark before we had NO IDEA how to handle this, all I knew is that I wanted to get this thing on the boat and I did not care how we did it.after 10 or so mins trying to gaff him Dan finally did and I helped pull him on the boat. Then came the realisation of what just happened.

Not only did I just catch and land my biggest fish to date (and biggest catch for both Dan and I) we also had to deal with a very angry shark that did not want to be out of water!!

We handled the suituation and now a very bloody boat for me to clean.

I got him on my Texxy rod with my Twin Power reel on 3o pound braid and 80 pound leader!! Lucky for me I hooked him in the eye so he didnt have a chance to cut me off. Also lucky for me that my knot held up to the challenge.

He went 170cm and 27kg!!

Now the fun begins tomorrow with cleaning the fish as well as the boat as Im too tired to do anything. A well deserved couple of beers now and some dinner.

Enjoy the pics


Does anyone know if this is a fishraider record?? nd how do I submit it?

post-9104-009867300 1296294635_thumb.jpg

post-9104-079461700 1296294650_thumb.jpg

post-9104-091045000 1296294666_thumb.jpg

post-9104-039897100 1296294697_thumb.jpg

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Wish I knew yesterdy to wack him on the head, would have saved me the day cleaning out the boat today!! Gonna have to get in and scrub every inch of the boat.. I will be cooking him up tonight . yummy

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