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Landbased Jewie


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Ive been having an awesome month on the Jewies and from the amount of posts lately it looks like they are on the move hard at the moment. Since the 93cm I got just under a month ago Ive had 6 more all landbased.

Sunday night went for a flick with a mate and ended up with a decent 65cm flatty and 2 alright bream. At around 3am one of the rods starts screaming and after a surprisingly decent fight we end up with a nice 95cm Jewie.

post-12400-008087100 1302305166_thumb.jpg

A little dejected that i still couldnt crack that meter mark I decided to head out again late last night. My normal fishing companions were too tired to make the trip, but I was still keen.

After traveling to about 4 different wharfs I decided that most of Sydney was fishing that night. Finally found myself a spot with :1yikes: no one there!

Sent out 3 rods, each with a live yakka and waited. By the time I was set up completely it was already 12.30am. Around 1.30am I had a nice run but it stopped before i had gotten to my rod :thumbdown: , a little after that another run, much smaller than the last, it was a 50cm taylor. Not the Jewie i was after :ranting2: .

By the time it got to 4am I had pretty much given up hope. I started taking some gear up to the car and on the way back to the wharf I heard one of my reels start to scream!

Ran back and grabbed my rod, by this time the fish had already worked its way around a pylon and far out to sea.

Not sure how long the fight was but it was definitely over 10mins as I had time to shoot a shocking video for the last 3.5mins. I seriously thought it was a big ray for a while but on the 3rd or 4th run I could feel some massive head shakes :1yikes:

I was excited and also terrified as I saw it finally surface! terrified because I realised 1. Im by myself! 2. Its too big for the net i had that barely fit the 93 and 95! 3. It had tangled all my rods!

Thankfully it was tired enough for me to put my rod on the ground grab the leader which was 60lb with one hand and the gills with the other, then hauled it onto dry land! :yahoo:

post-12400-048215300 1302305325_thumb.jpg

Only managed the one pic at the wharf but got a few more when I got back to a mate's.

post-12400-090246500 1302305366_thumb.jpg


post-12400-085042800 1302307196_thumb.jpg post-12400-079790300 1302307294_thumb.jpg

weighed in at 19.8kg after being bled and out of the water for 4 hours.

Friggin STOKED :thumbup:



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looks like abbotsford havent been there for ages theres some big bream there to

should get some proper scales just that i noticed those bathroomn scales in the background not very accurate thats all

congrats awesome fish bro

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Bathroom scales, give or take around 0.5kg. At 19.8kg or 19.3kg, does it really matter? On any scale, that's a great fish!

Well Done!

yeah sorta does hey like the fish is 120 cm the bathroom scales are about 50 cm and the rest is on the ground might be heavier?

even if you balance it on its head still might be takin away weight but as i said top fish mate

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yeah sorta does hey like the fish is 120 cm the bathroom scales are about 50 cm and the rest is on the ground might be heavier?

even if you balance it on its head still might be takin away weight but as i said top fish mate

hahaha, or you could just use some common sense and weigh yourself with and without the fish. far more accurate than a spring scale.

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Thanks everyone much appreciated!

David88 thanks for answering for me, obviously I tared my weight with the fish.

Novicefisherman I use 50lb fins braid, 60lb black magic mono trace, 2 fixed snell hooks 6/0 octopus circle on top

5/0 octopus on the bottom both Gama. Yakka pinned with top hook.

Cheers guys,


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Cracking land based Jewie, there been a few Jew fish reports lately.

Good effort on the Jewfish Simmo2. very well done! :thumbup: I am sure you'll continue to do well if you keep on hitting those same hook up spots repeatedely. You are more than likely doing this already but do make a note of your hook up times and record the conditions on the day as jewfish have repetitive habits as to where they hole up in mass and also as to where they return to when hunting for their food. Yesterday was the change in conditions you are always looking for being being quite a balmy day outside and also developing into a really nice night to be out on the water with the north westerly bring in a little bit of warmth with it following the cold snap. This type of change normally brings in good results on incoming jewfish schools particularly breeding size schools coming into the Hawkesbury river via Juno Pt which between you and I has always been the key to night fishing in the Hawkesbury. I feel more raiders should meet up as a convoy of friends and fish Juno Pt at night exclusively and on a regular basis right into winter. I use to do this myself and we would often have three or four boats in close proximity to one and other and sometimes if only to monitor the arrival of newcomers mixing with resident jew. The residents are presently around 60 - 70cms and have been prolific in Sydney estuaries for a couple of years now. Basil aka Groper is quite right, going on recent reports from the Hacking which is better known for jewfish schools coming in and going out with the tide as opposed to the fish residing within the system such as throughout the Hawkesbury, Parramatta River and the Georges River. Breeding size jewfish beween 7 and 12 12kilos which are generally accompanied by larger specimums have been cught at the two bridges and the upper Georges particularly around the Picnic Point area and of late people I know who are associated with a tackle shop have had good success on soft plastics around Moorebank and Chipping Norton. Sydney Harbour proper is presently producing schhol jewfish during either tide at night ( Middle Harbour is not fishing like it used to at this time of year for jew and Dory due to the condition of the water because of a run off problem. Apart from the shortage of breeding size jewfish in upper Middle Harbour it looks like the autumn schools have come into our estuaries.

Sorry for the long post but I hought I would give you a bit more incentive for your landbased fishing by posting a detailed reply.

Simmo Nice effort once again :thumbup: and if you ever need a couple of reliable landbased spots on the Hawkesbury which after all is the river which produces the bigger fish, don't hesitate to send me a pm.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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