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Running Barra report


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Hey all

Away up in Gladstone fishing barras at the moment. Goal was to hit the meter club after 3 previous try's with out success. Last week I had a phone call to get up here as the Barra were going off in a big way! Reports of 50 fish per trip and averages in the 90cm range sealed the deal.

Well day one and what can I say. Meter club 5 times, landed 13 myself and lost a shed load!

Can't work out pix off iPhone so I'll do up load on return....

Catch ya all tomorrow

By all and catch ya all tomorra!

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Get those phone pics sorted soon!! I can feel Barra fever coming on!!

Well done on the Metre jobs! Extremely jealous!! Don't forget to tell us what lures are working for you! I won't tell anyone, promise!!074.gif


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Hey all

Well day two was richp's day. We landed 23 with a stack over a meter but rich stole the show with 2 consecutive pigs in 2 casts. A 124 and then a 125! Bloody unbelievable! 2 days done and with the final day tomorrow we are all locked up at 23 fish each. GAME ON!

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Well the banjo minnow Barra comps been run and one. A very fitting end to a fabulous trip with cracking fish and so many laughs it hurts!

Today the fishing was tuff to say the least. The tide was a massive run out and made fishing hard but we just kept casting whilst staying focused, sooner or later they would bite. The first few hours the run made staying in contact with the lure very difficult and the bites we did get we missed. As soon as the tide slowed to a manageable pace the bites came. We stayed neck and neck till 30 mins to go till rich got unlucky and dropped a couple of nice fish after a min or 2 into the fights. I hooked up what I thought was the 120+ I was after but a good 5 later a metery pops up hooked in the tail. Doh!

Moving back into position I got lucky again with another straight up and pulled a head by 2. Back again and the call of 5 more casts to go. Cast 5 hop hop bam bugger missed it. Cast 4 hop hop, hop hop bang yep I'm on again and another 90 to the boat! 3 up....

Rich now on his last cast closed the gap back to 2 and a perfect way to finish off another cracking fishing adventure!

So in the end the stats stand at 29 for me and 27 for Richard with him claiming big fish with his 125cm pig! A title each and a very fitting way to finish off.

I'm sitting in Gladstone airport very tired with sore wrist and ribs but those pains are the sweet pains of fishin, I just can't get enough!

Post some pix when I get home.


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Greg - I am very jealous of you and can't wait for the photos......I wish I could find the time off work to tow the boat up there.I was due to fish Monduran in January, however the weather forced me to cancel the trip and fish Glenbawn instead. I am now thinking I should have cancelled my leave and scheduled the trip for April - damn it.

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Gday all

Body cound'nt do it last night. With plane delays, change of flights(but at least upgraded to business) then lost luggage it was a late one! Here are a few worthy pix.

When the fish average a meter ya get pretty blas`e and we just didn't pull the camera out . then last day with the fishing so close, ya just can't put the rod down.LOL

A massive thanks to our guide who I do know put in the extra yards for us and I can't thank enough!

30hrs on the water in 3 days is massive, not to even take in prep time and then to stay on the ball and keep us there as well just shows his professionalisum and what puts him above the rest!

To average two fish in the metre class per hour just shows how good the fishery is. But to do it with boats all around you, casting next to, across you and almost into the boat and then only see a handful of fish caught by the rest was just gold!

Techneque is everything and all the little things counted. He really does know his shit!

Here's the pix

post-3563-083155600 1302919293_thumb.jpg post-3563-067364100 1302919314_thumb.jpg

post-3563-065879400 1302919348_thumb.jpg post-3563-048133300 1302919368_thumb.jpg

post-3563-058107200 1302919384_thumb.jpg post-3563-017938300 1302919399_thumb.jpg

post-3563-048224700 1302919421_thumb.jpg post-3563-036613300 1302919482_thumb.jpg

post-3563-021227200 1302919486_thumb.jpg post-3563-032962700 1302919491_thumb.jpg

post-3563-020801000 1302919496_thumb.jpg post-3563-053739900 1302935058_thumb.jpg

End of the running report, over and out.


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Wow boys that is great fishing :1yikes: I have yet to savour that type of fishing and will have to try that out with Donna one day.

Great stuff.

Cheers Stewy

Mate get that woman of yours up there!

300m from ramp and conveniences with flat water.

Fishing 20gm lures so it's not punishing on the body like burning slick rigs or popping.

It's fishing that I'd say anyone could do as long as they can cast a lure half decent. Accuracy not even that important.


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