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Hi Raiders,

Well it started out like any other fishing day,

load the boat, fuel up and we're away. :1fishing1:

Browndog was on the water again with a trusty crew, of course

myself and good old mate Norm. After getting on the water at a

reasonable hour, straight to get some livies that proved a bit

more challenging than normal due to something shadowy.

Bit to much wind to head right out so hit the inshore marks

Norm was straight onto a nice kingy on the first drift so back

for the second drift and Normy was on again with another nice

kingy the biggest at 1.28m. Drift number 3 was my turn and after

a solid hook up and only 1 back breaking minute later the dissapointment

of winding in slack line :ranting2: Cookie 0 kingys 1

Went off the bite but still picked up a few reefies to end the day

with a nice feed and a great day with a couple of good mates. :beersmile:

Here's browndog2 and Norm with the kingys. Am trying to get video on next trip

Tight lines and good fishin........

post-15177-029131800 1305700712_thumb.jpg

post-15177-067952500 1305700743_thumb.jpg

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From the look of the coastline in the pics I don't think its off Sydney, and burringbar is up past Byron so probably fishing off North coast or there abouts.

Very nice fish, not the fattest but some of the longest I've see in a fair while.

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I can see Mt Warning in the first pic, it's south of them so they're probably out from the Tweed River bar, I'd say near Cook Island. Are we getting warm guys?

G,day Raiders.

Yeah, your very warm. The spot is only 5 mins from Tweed bar, in the middle of nowhere andabout the size bathroom, hard to find.Hope to get Slinky out there saturday, fingers crossed. Once you pull a couple of fish off there they move on. Hopefully Cookie will get some video

cheers greg

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Once again, superb fish.

I've been looking at the posts on my iPhone so it's hard to make out the detail. Bummer they weren't off Sydney as I've been looking for some end of Harbour season inspiration!

Thanks for sharing!

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thanks heaps mate still learnin how to do things slowly.....cheers :beersmile:

Yes , well you guys are a bit slow up here Bob! :smoke:

Cracker Kings guys. I had my share last night & it was sensational! :thumbup:

The weather looks crap for the w/end but it's time I took a day off next week to get into some. :whistling:

It's always nice cracking some good fish with Mount Warning in the background. :clapping:

( p.s. Greg told me the biggest King went 1.29cms, the small one at 1.25cms.! Heaviest fish weighed in at just under 20kgs!)

Top Hoodies fellas!



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