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Fishing the Hacking


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Hi Raiders

Hit the water with Meng (gonfishing)today. Both of us have been off the water for a few months and we were both very keen to get out there amongst them. Started with a slow troll down the coast stopping and trying several flathead grounds on the way to do some drifts. Plenty of small flatheads to be found but no keepers amongst them today, no hook-ups on the troll either. Headed back up to Bate Bay and fished around the bay for the rest of the day. The bay seemed pretty quiet but we still managed to gather a few nice fish for the table amongst the throw backs.


post-13990-067967300 1350810622_thumb.jpg

post-13990-095963500 1350810653_thumb.jpg

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A reasonable reddie there Chris. Last time I fished outside, during September, there were a few legal blue spot flatties about, but they were scattered amongst the many little spikies. Some should be on the bite shortly.


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Is that also a leatherjacket? Are they also nice to eat?

Congratulations on the nice snapper and monster squid! How long is the hood?

Hi redpumpkin definately a leatherjacket.

They make good eating fryed and great for the kids as they have very minimal bones.

Mate the squid hood was 37cm and 1.6kg total weight.


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Chris me old mate me old pal,

Long time no hear from you.

I see you finally got out into your favourite spot with your old mate Meng.

As usual, lovely red you got there, and that squid is a real stonker.

Have you had a chance to use that light I gave you on the boat ?

I hope it worked out OK.

Those people who throw back sweep - all they need to do is a bit of experimenting with cooking them.

As you stated, skinned, filleted and deboned is the wy to go.

I add them to stir fries as the 'meat' ingredient with some soy sauce - utterly delicious with all those other ingredients in the rice...

By the way - my fridge is empty again and I'm on the hunt for some bream and whiting in the bay....

See how I go.


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