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Weipa Trip Oct 2013 - Plus Marlin from Houseboat


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Hey Fellow Raiders,

Well its been 2 weeks since i got back from Weipa and im already missing that place.. The fishing was absolutely unbelievable, sharks, cod, barra's, long tail tuna, macks, bait balls, turtles, cuda's, jacks, bream, flatties (of all things)... and lastly a fish of a lifetime... marlin... hooked from the houseboat... on pretty light gear

Well enough talking, thought i would post up a few pics of the trip we just had... and a quick vid as well of the marlin.. Got to love GoPro's




















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Hey lostincable,

I wish i had this advice prior to my first time up there, especially around the purchasing of lures (some i have never taken out of the box)... but at least now i can guide someone else to getting the right gear and hopefully some good fish..

Basically the 3 main rods/reels i use up there and all around the top part of Aus seems to mainly be..

1. 4-8kg spin stick 7ft (nitro viper is what im using), with a 4000/5000 reel (twinpower, but also the stradics are good too), loaded with 30lb braid and use 60 pound leader for it.

2. 6-10kg barra rod, baitcaster for the creeks (and practice casting, helps tremendously because the fish are right up near the mangroves, and you literally need to land it pretty much in the zone for them to hit it), load with 30lb braid - and i use 60 lb leader..

3. 10kg boat rod, with either an overhead or big spinner like a 6000 baitrunner with 30 or 50lb, used for trolling and bottom bashing, using 60lb or 80lb leader or 100lb wire depending on what you are targetting.. can use it for sharks as well

These 3 outfits will cover pretty much cover all the creeks and bluewater fishing you can find in weipa..

Now for lures...

1. 20/25/30 gram chromies... for throwing at schools of longtail/mac tuna is a definite... white seems to a good colour, but make sure you have good trebles on them... get a few of these... because if the sharks are around you might go through them very quick.

2. Poppers - I find the 10cm poppers work the best up there - Halco Roosters in Gold, Red/White... Have caught some great barras and queenies using these.. Even a Marlin... (still cant get over that)

3. Gold Bombers - get a few of these... the longer ones and the shorter ones... im pretty sure weipa reefs are littered with them... but they work..

4. Rapala X-Rap 15cm deep divers for trolling... spanish macks and tuna love them, even cobias..

5. Tilsan barra lures for the creeks

6. Plastics i find that the colour white works well, with the snagless hooks for reefs and creeks... 5 to 7 inch plastics... dont take too many maybe a couple of packs is tons... i find that i never really use them because the lures work so well for me..

7. On the last trip i tried out a few maribu jigs and one of the others tried a lucanus jig which seems to get some good hits on the reefs... might be worth try

Hope this helps

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