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Remember Cracker Night


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I just got back from Vanuatu, where they were selling sky rockets, bungers, and pohas in the shops.

I always looked forward to this long weekend as a kid. "Cracker Night"

I'd save pocket money, sell golf balls, search the house and laundry for coins, anything to get more fireworks.

I know it was dangerous and destructive, but it was fun.

When I grew up, you had Christmas, Birthday, Easter and Cracker Night as big days.

The modern alternative this weekend is VIViD. Not the same.

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I miss cracker night... I always looked forward to it as a kid. As usual the few morons spoiled it for the rest of us. If only we were allowed to be responsible for our own actions again instead of being coddled by the government and told what is and isn't safe for us to do...


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You should have gone to the fire show on Erakor Island or Mele Beach. You can have your Vivid festival. Apparently we are paying a carbon tax to force us to use less electricity and then we have an overpriced light show everyone raves about. How do you think they are powering these fancy lights. It's not Green Senators riding bikes that power all those lights.

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"Yea" bring back Cracker Night, I still have a few packets of Bungers left from the old days.

Would be good to scare the crap out of the grandkids and get my own back on them for once.

But knowing my grandkids I would come out of it worse off.

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Leading up to cracker night every kid on the block would gather a arsenal of crackers waiting to go out in a blaze of glory with there mates on the night.

They were good memories to those of us old enough to remember...same as bonfire night.

But we didn't give a second thought as kids to the damage capable of being done by these things in the wrong hands to others self and property.

Not to mention the countless pets that injure themselves trying to escape around the country (especially dogs)that are petrified by the explosions and flashes that these things cause as im sure the pet owners on here can attest.

Saying all that, cracker night is etched in all our older folk memories forever but I wish our animals/owners didn't have to suffer.4unypevy.jpgcheers.

2 best friends.

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Cracker night was a good time. When I lived in Miranda, we built a bonfire outside the front fence of the house (some years the bonfire was taller than us) and a good time was had by all.

One year, my 2 youngest brothers had a school case full of everything, bungers, skyrockets, volcanos, jumping jacks. They could not wait for cracker night, so one of them pulled out a skyrocket, the other pulled out a match and practiced striking the match to light the fuse. Unfortunately, the match hit the strike plate of the match box and ignited, and as he was moving it towards the fuse, the match lit the fuse, and they both crapped themselves as the skyrocket sprayed sparks into the school case.

I heard some bungers going off inside the house, so ran to their room to see skyrockets flying around the room, jumping jacks bouncing around, bungers going off and when they did that, another bunger would fly into the air and explode near my face. My 2 brothers were hiding under the bedclothes, the whole house filled with smoke, and the old man was outside spraying water through the window with the hose.

Never seen anything like it, except at the movies. Still laugh at it now.

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I loved cracker night too

In NZ it was held in November when it was pretty dry so every year the fire brigade spent

hours putting fires out. Then after a few kids lost eyes and finger it stopped.

I still like to go and watch the races, the mariners and the fireworks every NYE in gosford

but the dogs go absolutely nuts. The don't like thunder storms much either.

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Cracker night was the best. I can always remember having a great time as a kid. We would spend weeks before building a bonfire out in a paddock with our friends, we would drag out timber from the bush and then on the night the parents would gather to oversea our charades, we would untie all the tom thumbs so we could let them off one at a time...none of this all at once rubbish. The parachute fireworks were the best!. After it was all done and the fire had died down, we would bury some potatoes in the coals and wait for them to cook, then you would scoop out some of the potato and fill it with butter, salt and pepper and talk way into the evening with the littlest of the kids falling asleep on the rugs our parents bought out. It was usually 4 or 5 families together and even now, I can still remember some of those conversations and the cold, crystal clear night with the sky full of stars.

Getting up early in the morning to find stuff that didnt go off or collect up the parachutes and spent rockets was always fun for us as well.


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Cracker Night...

You know why they called it that... because it was a cracker of a night!

Even though it frightened the children

Even though it scared the hell out of the dog

Even though I blew up things I shouldn't have

Even though I kicked a ball shooter and it went up the leg of my pants and near burn't off the wedding tackle

Ah yes... cracker night... one of my favourite memories.

On the queens birthday for the last 5 years or so you may have seen a rocket set off from Deeban Spit in Port Hacking.

(We kept a few big rockets we bought in Canberra).

Not sure if we have any left but if we do that will be me and the camping mates.

You won't see us because we will be hiding from the park rangers like a bunch of 12 year old school boys.

Ah boys.... we never grow up really.



P.S Thanks for the post Ryder. Great topic.

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Yes we had a ball in those days. I grew up in Coogee and there were massive bonfires that locals spent weeks creating.

One year we had one of those pinwheel screaming things and we stuck the nail on the fence that was between the semi detached house we lived in. It started to spin and scream and flew off into the next door yard and onto the long hair of the neighbour. Oops she had some singed hair indeed :)

Another year we had all the crackers in the Globite schoolcase just like yowie and set the front fence on fire.


We used to walk down Coogee Bay Rd to the beach and the boys always followed us and threw Throwdowns and things to scare us.

Many good, fun memories of cracker nights .........................

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Cracker Night was a highlight of the year - for the whole family. Building the bonfire and standing around it until it was all gone. Next morning rushing back in daylight to find the crackers that hadn't gone off! The things we did with those wickless bungers!

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hahaha great thread, pohas and tom thumbs my fav, lighting a whole row of tom thumbs under my eldest sisters chair, the reaction was gold, I'm glad I was a faster runner than her..

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John Willimson has a record called , Cracker Night. If you come across it , listen to the words , it sums up the event as many of us oldies remember.


That's a great song mate.

Running away giggling......

I'm still giggling.

Check it out folks..

Edited by Ryder
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