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Rose Bay 27/06


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Hey Raiders,

Just a quickie to say I got my first fish on an SP at Rose Bay today. Undersize flatty, but I was happy- SPs actually work! :D Used a Gulp minnow with a 1/16th jighead fishing about 2 hours after low tide.

Thanks hugely to Witha, Kel and everyone else who's offered tips on SP technique and the flatties, now I just need to get myself some decent-sized fish ;)


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Good on ya.

Man I've followed your posts, and knew it would happen, sooner or later.

Be confident, you cracked it .The keeper is just around the corner.

The switch from bait to lures is difficult, and a learning curve.

Keep asking questions.

Like Catweazel, "show me the secrets of this strange trickery, that I might do it"

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Guest hawkesbass

Congrats on the first flattie on sp more will come easier as you get more comfortable wiith the plastics

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Thanks for the encouragement guys and cheers Sydneyfisher for the advice about the swivels, I'll need to try and get some smaller ones during the week. Mitchie, I was over to the left/ west of the ferry platform. There are a few sets of stairs you can get down to the water so you're not casting from the street, plus the whole area behind the boat club, which is sandy and almost completely snag-free. If you do go down there, keep an eye out too for some larger bream that feed on the shellfish that collect around the pipes jutting out into the water.

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