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We decided to explore new areas around the Sydney Eastern Suburbs and we had a great day hopping all over the place discovering new structure.

We fished in depths from 60-70m range trying to target pigfish and trags (thanks to @Larkin for pointing this out).

We caught slimy mackerel at Artificial for bait and caught a wide variety of species using a simple paternoster rig using 1/0 and 2/0 hooks.
The captain also managed to crack his pb snapper measuring in at 63cm.

All fish were brain spiked, bled in a bucket and then bathed in an ice slurry. 
A practice I have converted my fishing friends to follow as they can see the benefits.

On the way back to the boat ramp, we released the remaining live yakkas and slimies on a wreck inside the harbour.

Kingfish (undersized)
Snapper (some good sizes 38 - 63cm)
Pigfish (awesome eating largest 39cm)
Trag (awesome eating)
Trevally (great for sashimi)
Grey mowie (no surprises here at this depth)
Maori Wrasse (surprised to see them at this depth)
Sargent baker (kept a few for soup! WTF)
Nannygai (awesome eating)
Goat fish (awesome eating)
Ocean perch (awesome eating but too small released)
Longfin perch (awesome eating but too small released)
Bluespot Flathead (dropped at surface!)
Sweep (surprised to see them at this depth)
Pike (they are everywhere)





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Well done Brad!👍

nice haul of Snapper and that’s a really good sized Trag! Some top tucker right there!
Glad you found the fish this time. 
cheers Chris 

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Your post pretty much sums up the main benefit of this forum. A bit of info from one of the dab hands and enough inspiration to get out there and catch 15 different species in various locations. Some very nice fish among them and some excellent tucker. Top job everyone.


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