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Long weekend fishing in Sydney - Family fun and offshore jigging


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Hey Raiders,

The long weekend provided some stunning fishing conditions and I was lucky enough to get out with my boys on one day and then my fisho mates the next. 

Sunday headed out in search of a mixed bag. Later start than usual to accommodate the kids but no problem getting a few livies and then got one cuttlefish (trying a new technique of slow trolling jigs for squid. Might have been a bit late in the morning for them but will persist as you can cover some ground. Headed out of Dover Heights onto the sand. Started in about 60m, then 50m and a few more spots. The going was VERY tough. We picked up half a dozen around 40cm but never found a honey pot comprising bigger models. Pretty disappointing. Heading back to the heads we decided to do a rando drop onto some gravel/reef. It was a good decision as we caught a bunch of hungry reef species in a hot 30 min session that was gold for the kids. Kept a mowie and one of the red spikey delicious fish! Conditions were UNBELIEVABLE and there were whales everywhere. Great day out. 

Monday, put on the serious hat launching at Roseville at 530 with @Fishaholic and @REELCRAZY. Livies were again hungry and we loaded up quickly. Heading straight out to 12 Mile in unbelievable conditions, pushing along at around 22 knots. Likely around 10 boats out there already and it was clear that there were fish about. Quite a few bent rods! Dropped a knife jig within two minutes of pulling up and immediately brought a 55 cm bonnie on board! Got to work jigging and within 30 minutes we had an 84cm kingie in the boat and thrown a couple of smaller models back. We had the livebait gear out also but interestingly the kingies were mainly hammering the jigs. The charters were also jigging and they were hooked up constantly for about 2-3 hours. Ended up catching around ten and losing a few at the rail, mainly due to insane tangles from kingies going bananas below the boat. Interestingly there was almost no current for the whole morning.

Headed back at 1130am once the bite eased, very happy and VERY sore from jigging. Took home a fish each to feed the families. Happy days! 

Can't wait to get back out there! 






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Thanks Dunc for giving me the opportunity and taking me out. We have been planning to go out for jigging for a long time and I never thought it would be so much fun as well as so much of hard work. My whole body was sore but definitely will do it again soon. 

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