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Stewy and Mr T on the Cooks


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Tired of working and no fishing had the missus feeling sorry for me so Mrsswordie told me to bugger off and find some loser to go fishing with and the first loser I rang was good friend Mr T (Trung) Dhype :074: So we made the decision to rock on up to the mighty Cooks River....well smelly old Cooks River :1tongue: .

The quest would be the jewies that frequent this waterway at times and what ever else would bite.With the westerly predicted to get stronger as the day went on we decided to stay in the river till lunchtime as Trung is selling his house and had an open day in the arvo.

First spot and a good hit and no hook up so we persisted for a time and decided to move further up river to our next spot and after a few casts I struck pay dirt with a nice silver mulloway and I must admit I never tire of their beauty in the daylight and he or s she fought well on my 10lb gear and when it was time for Mr T net said jewie he tried every trick in the book to knock it off my line(lucky for a good hook up) and then says your nets to small and get its head up(LOSER) no fishing or net skills :1crybaby: Then as my beauty lays still for a photo he says your battery in your camera is dead :insane: the tricks he tried OMG!!! anyway finally in the net /pics/smiles /released.We went further up river but is was very quiet bar the odd flatty so back to previous spot and I got smashed by a huge fish that busted me off on the strike...BIG FISH.








We tried a few more spots for a solo flounder and decided that we had enough of the freezing wind.

Thanks for a top day Mr T and those tins of shit you had with crackers were awesome.

Regards Stewy.

BTW....Mr T got a big fat DONUT :1boff:

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You have a few nice fish there, jewie looks over legal.

You must be hungry chewing on your fishing rod for each photo, or does it taste better than Trung's tins of 'food'?

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Baha cracking write up. Love the comic value guys :) nice work on the jewie yet again the cooks produces. Once I'm back from overseas I'm going to have to brave the smelly waters in the yak I think!

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Great work

I live not far from the Cooks but wow what a polluted river. I have caught a few small tiddlers there but nothing so impressive and snags everywhere. I usually use one of those iso floats and seems to work well. I have seen some decent sized blackfish caught there.First time I went there, I caught a used condom. Almost put me off fishing (and some other activities) for life.



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Hey Stewie,

Great effort - you really know what you are doing when it comes to posting about trips with trung.

Oh and you're a good SP fisho as well....

You guys must get along like a house on fire - else you would be pistols-at-dawn....

I did notice that Trung has not posted any rebuttals....

I hope he hasn't choked on the donut...

Did he sell the house ?

Is he to become your new neighbour because he loves fishing with you so much ?

Just kidding Stewie - being out on such a polluted waterway on such an awful cold and windy day and getting stretched like that is testimony to your skill and enthusiasm (as well as Donna's ability to remove you from the house when your face gets too long.....)

Also a big Kudos to Trung who seems to be at your beck-and-call, even when he is selling his house.

I've yet to meet him ( a few failed attempts though) and I'm sure he would definately be mister nice guy....


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Ok - I reason why I did not land any fish:

1) I was guiding stew the rookie and showing him how to fish plastics as he loves bait

2) I brought out the tiagra 80w gear cuz I thought we were going offshore in his 4.1 polycraft

3) My ballz were frozen due to the cold!

I did catch 6 of these today!

Trung - aka - donutboy


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