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Sans Souci blackfish


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My first report on the forum.

I tried my luck for blackfish at Sans Souci wharf yesterday afternoon. Had seen an old bloke consistently catching them from the same spot week in, week out.

Got there at 3pm, so only had 3 hours before it starts to get dark.

Using a 12F Shimano telescopic rod, with 12lb braid, with a medium stem float, 6lb FC leader and size 8 hook.

I was using cabbage bait set 3m deep and within 20min, I was onto a nice blackfish at 38cm.

After another 15min, I landed my second at 33cm, quickly followed by an undersize one at 24cm that was released.

It then went quiet with no bites for the next hour.

The tide was increasing, so I added another 40cm to the depth, and straight away had success. I landed my third keeper coming in at 39cm.

We then had a visit from 3 Fisheries officers. I'm pleased to report everyone on the wharf were compliant with the rules (you would be stupid to fish there unlicensed with a Dept of Fisheries office just a few hundred metres down the road).

Must have been my lucky day, I finished with 4 downs, 4 hook-ups, 4 fish landed. The secret was leaving the kids at home, so I could have both eyes on the float.

The rule in the photo is in inches.


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Top effort with quality fish, last week this spot fired in the morning on the run out with the small run (0.4m to 0.7m fall) in the tides mostly caught on local weed.

I have seen plenty of good blackfish caught here around the 40cm and bigger mark. Good luck in fishing for your next outing.


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