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John Dory Dave into his first Eps


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I had the pleasure today of John Dory (Dave) aboard the good ship Fishraider for his first go at Eps (Estuary Perch).

With a very nice suck up on a PM from Dave including him being my slave for the next 50yrs(joke) we decided at very short notice that today was the day.

Dave had purchased a new 1 to 3 kg flick stick from one of our members and was itching to catch a few fish as he hadn't fished for nearly 6 months.

Dave was right on time at 6 am with promised smile/coffee and awesome sandwiches and what a day it was.

We went to my favorite Chippo Ep hotspot and bugger me if Dave didn't hook-up on his very first cast and I am thinking you assy bastard and he hooks up very next cast.......ahhhhhhhhhhh an expert.......fantastic start Dave.

post-256-0-96176100-1414555611_thumb.jpg post-256-0-68791100-1414555642_thumb.jpg

The next few hours we poled em but had a hankering for a few bigger specimens so off to my big Ep spot and bingo into em straight away again and bigger fish as well.

post-256-0-48322100-1414555740_thumb.jpg post-256-0-02006800-1414555833_thumb.jpg post-256-0-26718800-1414555892_thumb.jpg

Now Dave is saying I will just keep upgrading and didn't he what !!!...Dave pulled a very nice 37cm Perch from a nasty snag and uncerimoaniously poled her out of her hidy hole.

post-256-0-13276300-1414555770_thumb.jpg post-256-0-15767900-1414555943_thumb.jpg

We ended up with around 40 Eps between us and home before lunch....fantastic day out Dave and much appreciated that you stayed back and washed the boat and gear after I said not to worry.That goes a long way with me Dave and you will be most welcome any time.

2 gram jigheads and Lava Squidgees did all the damage

Regards Stewy

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Nicely done gents. Looks like a very enjoyable morning on the Georges. Hopefully there wasn't much jet ski traffic out there, but it looks like you guys brained the EPs anyway. Btw, nice pose John Dory Dave - the one with the rod in your mouth.

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Stewie you are the Man

And NO, I won't marry you just because I make a awesome sandwich.

And I don't think either of us would look good in a dress either.

Stewie...... Fishing guide Supreme..

Thanks M8.

PS.. Hey you didn't tell the punters it cost me 9 big ones to get a invite. lmao

PPS. fishingphase thank you very much. (you know)

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So Dave, what are the chances of a copy of the suck up letter?


PS Nice fishing by both of you.

Mate that is a close secret I cannot devolve.

I think he would take friendly bribes. & Yes he would.. lol.

Paint his house. Detail his car. Do his lawns.. Na, .......you would wan't to be good (he has nice lawns)


Don't touch his boat!

Only joking.

We met a few times over raider things and chatted FISHING.

It happened. Woo Hoo.


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