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Hawkesbury Blackfish, Ep's and Bream


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At this end of the season the Blackfish are starting  to get scarce and finicky.

With the lower tides they were even more difficult. We struggled to get a few fish and then decided it was just not worth any more effort.

The few fish we did get were good fish 38-40 cms.


We started to target bream in the same locations where we catch blackfish. They are usually consistent with blades but not this time.

We moved to 2.5inch Zman grub in motor oil  on a 2 gm jighead. This resulted in a few bream, albeit smaller than normally, and landed several bream in the 20 to 32 size.


When I was minding my own business, content on spending the rest of the day chasing a few small to moderate bream, along came some ep’s. These were bigger than I had experienced in this part of the river. Here they were 35 -42 cm and interspersed with the bream. The 42cm was a pleasant surprise to the day and certainly a PB.






We moved further upriver and encountered more bream and the more usual size 25 -30cm EP’s. While  EP’s  can be hard to locate when you do find them there can be lots of them.


So we were disappointed the blackfish have shut up shop but pleasantly surprised a new candidate has replaced them for a while.


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That's a nice EP at 42!

Just shows you have to be flexible when the usual isn't working, try different lures, techniques etc and sometimes you are rewarded. Well done, and nice pics by the way.

Not after your spot but what general part of the river were you - looks a bit like the river around Wisemans or Spencer?



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