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Sydney Offshore - 12-11-14 - Marlin Hookup

Scent Blazer Lures

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we managed to get out yesterday for around 6hrs trolling. Water was good from about 6 miles out, blue, 20.5 and rising the further we went out. We trolled from inside the 12 Mile out to about 10 miles inside Heatons. We got a knock down on the lure on the rigger early afternoon about 5NM NE of Browns in 21. I was driving at the time and I was looking forward when the fish hit. When I looked back I couldn't see anything breach so I thought it was Dollie so I didn't pump the boat to set the hook.

I looked at the troll pro footage the next morning, it was a Marlin. So I should have pumped it to set the hook, bummer :)


Peter - SB Lures Edited by Scent Blazer Lures
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Nice one Pete , Keep them coming , Better luck next time.

thanks, oh well that's game fishing for you. Most experienced game fishers I know use the one in three rule. If you land one marlin every three hook-ups on a lure then you are doing well. It can be pretty hard to set a hook in the hard part of their mouth or bill.

check this out from ripcharts today, good water around the bait station. Sunday looks ok weatherwise early but it blows up hard mid arvo. I'd would definitely be out there but I have my kids birthday party on Sunday.


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